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As I mentioned earlier, I’m new to the blogosphere, but I should add that I don’t read many blogs either.  In this post, I’ll briefly recommend three.

  • Alan Tonelson’s RealityChek,  I’ve known Alan for years, and have long admired him for questioning the “holy” assumptions regarding the benefits of international trade.  He’s one of the leading skeptics on this point, and you may have seen him interviewed on CNBC and the like.  If you’re like most people, you take it for granted that you as a consumer benefit via lower prices in products manufactured in places like China.  Well, someone benefits greatly, but it’s probably not you.  (Hint:  If you save $1 on a shirt, it’s a minor fraction of the price, but if the shirt company’s profit margin is $4, this is big for them.)  Personally, I am happy to buy foreign goods on the basis of…

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