Diverse Cooks Make a Nice Broth

Among us researchers who question the tech industry’s claim of a labor shortage and the related claim of a “need” to expand the H-1B work visa and employer-sponsored green card programs, there is a ton of mutual respect but still considerable divergence of opinion.  For instance, I differ from some of  the rest in that I consider the focus on the outsourcing firms to be unwarranted and counterproductive.  

“Too many cooks spoil the broth,” the saying goes, but USA Today is now running an op-ed by a very diverse group of five of us, and I must say that I like the result.  We are a diverse group not only in terms of the outsourcing issue, but also in terms of geography, gender, ethnicity, public-vs.-private institution, and political party.  (I’m a Democrat, and I know of at least one Republican in the group.)  And I think it captures well our view of what we consider a self-serving sham push by the industry for legislation that would be harmful to the U.S. economy and well-being.

There have been some interesting developments lately on these issues, and I have two more blog posts planned for the next few days.  The first, to be titled, “A Fly-on-the-Wall Look at the Claimed Tech Labor ‘Shortage’,” will run this evening if I have time.


2 thoughts on “Diverse Cooks Make a Nice Broth

  1. The USA Today article is a heavily footnoted rebuttal to the self-serving false claims of a “STEM Shortage” that are promoted by economic and political elites. I’m confident that the article will trigger another round of spending by the wealthy tech moguls, who have mounted an expensive public relations and lobbying campaign to procure legislation that serves their self-interest.


  2. It was difficult to read that gray and blue text on a half-white, half dark gray background.

    But I strongly suspect this is their 1 “balance” article in a 10 article campaign for more cheap, young, pliant guest-workers with flexible ethics. This is Gannett, after all …Though, now that I think of it, it’s probably coordinated with Murdoch and Bloomberg and McClatchy and Scripps-Howard all set to roll them out one after the other in a steady drum-beat from now to January, trying to push the lame ducks into pushing through reprehensible immigration law perversion, and crushing every tentative scrap of reform that may be proposed.


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