Bibliography on Research Regarding H-1B and Related Issues

A couple of months ago, I wrote up a draft of an annotated bibliography of research papers on H-1B, employment-based green cards and claims of STEM labor shortages.  I sent the draft to a few people for comment, preferring not to make it public until I had fleshed the document out some more.

I’ve now got the bibliography ready for public consumption.  Again, note that it is annotated; each item contains my comments as to what I consider the salient content of the research, including flaws in the work.  In light of this latter point, note too that selection of a research paper for this bibliography does not imply that I endorse the work; if some research is flawed but widely cited, I tend to include it.

I do have more items to add, and will do so when I have time.  Suggestions for additions are welcome.

The document is available at  Happy reading!  I think that even those of you who know the literature well will find some surprises.


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