SF Chronicle Reaches Out on H-1B

It’s my understanding that one or two readers of this blog complained to the San Francisco Chronicle and/or Beacon Reader after my previous blog post. Whether a result of those complaints or not, yesterday’s announcement in the Chronicle seems to take a fairer, broader point of view, which I’m pleased to see.

As I said in my earlier posts, the Chron has generally pretty good in its coverage of H-1B, and it’s my impression that Beacon Reader wants to do the right thing. However, as I explained, funding issues cannot be ignored, and raise very troubling questions.

4 thoughts on “SF Chronicle Reaches Out on H-1B

  1. I complained to them. I could flatter myself that it was my comments which influenced them, but I hope that others have done so as well. I sent another letter to A Cooper, and bcced you, Norm.


  2. I went again and looked at the proposal. It’s just as one-sided as it ever was. There is one sentence which has been added about the “controversy” over lost jobs. But if you drill down into what they are exactly going to do, there is nothing about the impact on US workers. In addition, they are going to match contributions. Who put up the matching funds? Probably Big IT, right? I think you’ve been snookered, Norm.


    • No one has talked to me about their project. I hope you didn’t take my posting to mean otherwise, and in any event, I simply said that the newest statement by the Chronicle “seems” somewhat better.
      In terms of the funding, I expressed my strong concerns on that in my first two postings. I would especially recommend that you go back and read the first, in which I speculated that lots of H-1Bs would donate some money. In the second posting, I expressed concern about the involvement of Dropbox and FWD.us.
      My biggest concern continues to be that that articles WILL discuss impacts on American workers, but limited to the “Intels good, Infosyses bad” notion, which in my view would be worse than articles that don’t mention the American victims at all.


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