Time for an Asian-American on the Court

President Obama could achieve something of coup by nominating an Asian-American to fill the vacancy caused by the untimely passing of Supreme Court Justice Scalia.

First, Obama would go down in history as the first president to nominate an Asian-American to the Court. And second, by doing so, it would make it more difficult to block  Obama’s attempt to get a replacement for Scalia through during his remaining term. If the Republicans were to block the nomination of an Asian, many Asian-Americans would hold it against the GOP, both in the November presidential election and beyond.

I’m generally not a fan of ethnic-identity politics, and I find many claims of racism more perceived than real. But I am a proponent of Affirmative Action (if properly handled), particularly from the point of view of providing role models. Having an Asian on the Court would show Asian-American kids — and even more importantly, their parents — that study of STEM is not the be-all-and-end-all of education, that being a good writer and speaker is hugely important, that government MATTERS, and so on.

Several Asian-American names are being mentioned in the press being under consideration. Possibly the most interesting one politically is California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who is a “3-fer”: black, South Asian and female. I’m an admirer, but she’s never been a judge, and is more ideological than I believe a Justice should be.

As a fan of Bernie and The Donald, my choice would be Judge Lucy Koh, who has shown intellectual mettle, courage and grace in standing up to tech industry shenanigans.

By the way, just what do I mean by Asian-American? Normally I dislike analyses that distinguish between natives and the naturalized, which frequently have a hidden agenda of obfuscating whatever issue is at hand. But for the Court, we need someone steeped in American history, culure and sensibilities. Any Justice should at least have grown up in the U.S., if not born here.

If Trump were to meet Koh, I have a feeling he might not say, “Delay, delay, delay” regarding filling the vacancy.




7 thoughts on “Time for an Asian-American on the Court

  1. Norm, I don’t know Judge Koh but I’ll look her up. She has to be better than AG Harris.

    Kamala Harris is an example of why us on the right will oppose most of Obama’s nominees. On gun control, Harris is a typical Obama minion that follows the emotional mantra:

    1. Guns are bad
    2. Guns cause crime.
    3. Therefore to save America, we must ban guns.

    They never take a logical look at at the subject and answer important questions such as:
    1. Why have the vast majority of mass shootings occurred in gun-free zones?
    2. Why do cities with tough gun control laws (Wash DC, Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore, LA, NYC) have violent crime rates?
    3. Why do countries with tough gun control laws (Jamaica, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Columbia) have violent crime rates?
    4. During the last several decades, why has the national crime rate gone down while the number of firearms and CCWs have drastically increased?

    Recently there was a California law passed that decriminalized many drug offenses. This was done to stop ruining peoples lives by sending them to prison for minor drug usage. While I applaud that, it had a major flaw. It dropped the penalty for stealing a gun from a felony to a misdemeanor. People who steal guns aren’t filling a gap in their collection. Kamala Harris should have insisted that the law be changed or opposed it.

    Its things like that that makes us wary of any Obama appointment. On the same note, the Obama administration of the Fast and Furious operation that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Mexican nationals and a border patrol agent makes us suspicious of any actions by gun control advocates.


  2. “I’m generally not a fan of ethnic-identity politics,….”, that’s how racism from a liberal begins. It closely resembles “I’m not a racist, but …..”.

    Scalia was single-handedly holding back RBG and hoards of liberals, who will push the “living document” line till they exactly what they want. It is a sad loss.

    I have been in a US university for about an year now, and I am amazed by the utter lack of diversity. By ‘diversity on campus’ the university means that they have opened a Anthropological Zoo. “Look, we have Negroes, Mexicans, all sorts of brown people, yellow ones. We have just as many people with vaginas as with penises (or penii). Hurray for US.” What they utterly lack is intellectual diversity. Everyone holds exactly similar opinions about every single topic that is of any importance in public life.

    I hope The Donald becomes your president. A deeply shallow leader is exactly what your country deserves.


  3. Last comment on this as I know you don’t want this to be a 2nd Amendment forum:
    1. Many Gun Control Advocates are Blatant Hypocrites:
    a. Sen. Chuck Schumer owns firearms and has a CCW
    b. For many years, Sen. Feinstein had the only CCW in San Francisco County.
    c. Many anti-gun celebrities and politicians live in gated communities, have bodyguards, CCWs and firearms. In states like NY and NJ its only the rich and connected that can get CCWs or firearm permits.
    2. When I lived in Colorado and in Texas, both states had cases where 80+ year old grandmas killed nighttime home intruders with handguns. In both cases, the police said that perps were serial rapists who would have beaten, raped and killed the ladies.


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