Obama People Were Already Looking at Koh

Recently I wrote here on the current Supreme Court nominee impasse, suggesting that the president might consider  U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh. Apparently they had already been considering Koh, though “only” for the appellate court. The same dynamics may apply, though.


One thought on “Obama People Were Already Looking at Koh

  1. I have a new tablet, my first and with Windows 10 no less while my “ancient” desktop is on 7, so I don’t know if my previous post made it. I subscribe to the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” school; it is , knock on wood, still humming along; I also have a lot of legacy embroidery software that I use on a regular basis.

    My comment on Judge Koh was that I just wish someone other than someone from Harvard or Yale could be appointed. I am sure there are qualified individuals from other schools.


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