A Rigged System, Indeed

This election has been bizarre, to put it mildly, but the Hillary Leaks e-mail messages, confirming Bernie Sanders’ claim that the DNC actively worked against him during the primaries, are just too much. I’m a lifelong Democrat, but I changed my registration to Independent this evening in protest.

The H-1B and green card process are rigged systems too. I’m reminded of the quote by prominent immigration attorney Joel Stewart, regarding employer-sponsored green cards: “Employers who favor aliens have an arsenal of legal means to reject all U.S. workers who
apply.” Talk about a rigged system!


23 thoughts on “A Rigged System, Indeed

  1. Some people have claimed that the H-1B visa lottery might also be rigged. We do not see the lottery in action as in Powerball. In fact a lawsuit was brought under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). “The lawsuit seeks to understand how the electronic selection process works”.

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  2. I left the Democratic Party about a year ago. I can no longer participate in the political system and support a party which is effectively a RICO, with their support for illegals.


  3. This is disturbing on several levels. It’s bad enough The DNC would do this, worse yet if Hillary knew anything about it. It just reinforces all the suspicions about the Clintons.

    But apparently the Russians hacked DNC servers for this info, and found just this opportune time to release the info. So is Trump in bed with Putin (not to spread rumors, just saying) or does Putin think helping Trump get elected will give him a free hand in Eastern Europe?

    Our presidential choices this time are truly worrying, either way.


    • it goes much deeper than this.
      If you follow Paul Craig Roberts, you will see a complete alternative to what the main stream media tell us about Putin.


      At first I was skeptical when I started researching the jobs data, but every time I took a different alley seeking info, I found that he had already been there.

      And when you factor in that he was the editor or high up at many of the mainstream newspapers like the wsj, who now shun him, well it makes you wonder if he might not be the one telling the truth.



        • Roberts has good insights on a lot of issues, but the stuff about Putin and missles sounds a bit over the top. The missles are Patriots, defensive only, and I’d expect the Russians to squawk about anything. Complaining about short range anti-missle missles is a bit disingenuous. Not worth starting a nuclear war. And Roberts’ neo-con opinions seem improbable. It would require continuity of a small cadre of people moving from Clinton to Bush to Obama administrations, with the power to control foreign policy. Improbable.

          But the missles-in-Poland issue is a danger, and should be handled with a lot of care and finesse. There are always opportunities for errors in perception and judgement. We can see why Putin would like Trump: for Poland, no Money, no missles. Problem solved.


          • The issue is not continuity of people, but continuity of an ideology. Hillary Clinton holds the same beliefs as essentially Bush, Obama, and such people as Kagan as regards to the assertion and privilege of unilateral American power overseas. Hillary Clinton is believes in the right of America to violently overthrow any non-cooperative regime as much as Bush and his neocon cabal believed in. Look at the anon memo from 50 or so State Department within a Democratic administration demanding a violent response to the Assad regime (even more than now). A phrase which gets used by anti-war types is the War Party as a unifying feature of both Dems and gopers.


    • And you wonder if maybe they hacked Hillary’s server and have her emails, including the 32,000 that she deleted, which will be released on Oct 31? Or won’t be released if she promises to give Putin a free hand in Latvia?


    • I don’t know that we can use the blanket terms like “the Russians” or “the Chinese”. I suspect there are a lot of “independents” outside of the official spy agencies in other lands, just as there are such “independent” hackers here in the U.S.


  4. As a reminder for anyone in California that wishes to do the same. The official independent “party” is No Party Preference (NPP), not the American Independent Party, which is a recognized third party.



  5. Sometimes I get the feeling that major election cycle winners are merely those parties/candidates who happen to have the lead in how effective they are at cheating. Busloads of homeless people are revving up to make the every-2-years journey around the U.S. with their fake ID’s. The evidence is easy to find — just count the homeless people selling their newsies on the street corners. You’ll find them missing on key weeks during each major election cycle. By happenstance , election turnout in many key precincts happens to rise at the same time — even when the *overall* turnout is depressed.

    You can’t make this stuff up.


  6. It is only because of the new/alternative media that those of us not in the political class are coming to know how our government works. i am not “connected” at all so must rely on others and FOIAs to find out what is happening.

    I live in a small state so there are few investigative reporters, but they are doing good work and revealing significant corruption, unusual activities and wasteful spending. I am grateful to people like Norm and the posters on this forum for their insight into the issues of guest workers. Keep up the good work.

    I am glad that there is so much contention this year. It looks like us common people are angry and having their concerns made known.

    Off topic – I hope you Star Trek fans have the Heros&Icons channel. All five series are running. It was fin to watch the first episode of all yesterday.

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  7. The only reason I’m a registered Democrat is Florida’s closed primaries. I guess if the system is rigged, it doesn’t matter if I vote in the primary or not.

    Bernie was very gracious in his loss, even though the fix was is. The DNC actions gaming the election should be criminal.


  8. I found an paper which looked at voting in the Democratic party primaries: An Electoral System in Crisis: Does a statistical analysis of primary voting, and indications of potential shenanigans. Two quotes about paper.

    “We examined the election results of the 2016 presidential primaries, and found irregularities in the overwhelming majority of the twenty-one states that we analyzed. The data indicates, in particular, that the totals reported in the Democratic race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders may not be correct. In state after state, independent examination by two separate analysts found suspect statistical patterns giving Clinton inflated percentages, that in all likelihood are not fully based on actual votes; and
    leaving Sanders with what appear to be artificially depressed totals”

    later …

    “Fritz Scheuren, a member of the statistics faculty at George Washington University, and a former
    president of the American Statistical Association, has been a collaborator in this research. Examining the
    data from the study, Scheuren said, “As a statistician, I find the results of the 2016 primary voting
    An Electoral System in Crisis unusual. In fact, I found the patterns unexpected [and possibly even] suspicious. There is a greater degree of smoothness in the outcomes than the roughness that is typical in raw/real data.”

    Link to paper:

    Click to access An+Electoral+System+in+Crisis+-+Friesdat-Sampietro-Scheuren+_20160718A+FINAL.pdf

    Where I found the paper.


    The rigging may have gone deeply into each state. Oh yah, Greg Palast article about voting in CA.



  9. Norm, what happened to Bernie reminds us liberty minded Republicans of what happened to Ron Paul in 2012

    Even Jon Stewart noticed:


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