Another Anti-Hillary Ad — This One from Bernie

Interesting Web site, apparently used by the Bernie Sanders campaign against Hillary Clinton. Similar to the Trump ad, but interestingly in this one Clinton regards offshoring as “good for certain parts of the country.” I wonder what she meant by that, apparently something like a variant of the old “What’s good for General Motors is good for the country.”

10 thoughts on “Another Anti-Hillary Ad — This One from Bernie

  1. “Best and brightest” is once again refuted.

    The USA is sending 554 athletes to the Summer Olympic Games.
    India is sending 120 athletes to the Summer Olympic Games.

    USA’s population is roughly 1/4 of India’s population but is sending about 4 times more WORLD CLASS athletes to the Summer Olympic Games.

    For a country of India’s size, one would think there is much more competitive talent there, but sure. “Best and brightest”


      • I’m sure this is also extensible to software development as well. The argument for the “best and brightest” is in the context of globalism.


        • When did software – or product – development become an individual competition?

          Most innovative research and product design require collaborations as systems have become so complex that it is impossible for a single individual to do all of the work; Even the most junior contributor is important. The so called “best and brightest” – who often are only that in their own eyes – only receive recognition because of the work of a numerous supporting, often key innovating, staff members. I was always amazed that a simple comment by a junior level participant in a design meeting could evolve into a major component of the final product be it hardware or software. A simple question had refocused the direction of the entire team; “the best and the brightest” had overlooked a very simple solution to a problem he either had ignored or chosen to make unnecessarily complex.

          A true leader does not claim ownership of the final product but credits the team that resulted in the product.


      • More so for gymnastics, diving, sailing (high cost for custom built boats), equestrian and to fool the drug testing experts.


    • If India sends an archer then this counts as 1 athlete. If the US sends a basketball team then this counts as 12 athletes.

      Grenada (ranked #1, 1 gold metal) earned more than 61 times the number of gold medals than the USA (ranked #27, 46 gold metals) on a per capita basis for the London 2012 games.


      • joe, all twelve of those athletes must be world class. The USA is not going to send a team of sprints to compete in a relay where every one of the sprinters is world class except for an overweight athlete. The relay race competition will most certainly be lost by the inclusion of one bad competitor. Focusing on the one outlier is just bad statistics.


  2. To Clinton you don’t matter, only the elites that have connections to money an power. The same with the rulers of India which because of the rule of elites became synonymous with poverty and hopelessness.


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