Guess Who?

Here is a recent public statement that jibes with Trump’s accusation that Hillary Clinton is “bigoted”:

The Clintons use black people for votes, but then don’t do anything for black communities after they’re elected. They use us for photo ops.

Of course, ironically, later in the interview this person says “I am going to do everything in my power to make sure that we are not led by Donald Trump.”

Putting aside Trump’s questionable use of the word bigot, he and the person quoted above (Google it to find out who) are correct. The Democrats (not just the Clintons) have indeed been taking African-Americans for granted.

In fact, it has long been established that the expansive immigration policies pushed by the Democrats have been harming African-Americans. Though research on the Mariel Boatlift is still being debated, even the immigration expansionists concede that there is a negative impact on blacks generally. They also concede that the earlier immigrants are victims too; as I’ve often said, just ask any  Latino day laborer on Cesar Chavez Ave. in East LA if he wants more immigration.

And for those of you who think Trump is a Johnny-come-lately to this issue, look at his platform on immigration, put out more than a year ago. It says

Today, nearly 40% of black teenagers are unemployed. Nearly 30% of Hispanic teenagers are unemployed. For black Americans without high school diplomas, the bottom has fallen out: more than 70% were employed in 1960, compared to less than 40% in 2000.

He said similar things in his acceptance speech at the Republican convention this July.

Having said all that, I think it’s absolutely disgraceful that Trump and Clinton are spending all their time hurling invectives at each other, by far the worst I’ve ever seen, all “while Rome burns.”

For instance, how many voters know the development of a week or so ago that Aetna is pulling out of Obamacare, with the real possibility that others will too? This would destroy the program, at least in its present form. Whether you like Obamacare or not (I support it, though with reservations), there is a very real possibility of a train wreck here, yet with no comment from either candidate.


32 thoughts on “Guess Who?

  1. Many people remember Cesar Chavez for his promotion of unions for the ag workers. What people do NOT remember is that Chavez HATED wetbacks. His word for mexican illegals was wetbacks, so I will use it here. He not only hated them, he would send members of the UFW to the Mexican border to beat the crap out of the wetbacks. Unions can work WHEN THEY CONTROL THE LABOR SUPPLY. If you have an unlimited labor supply, you can’t have a union. This is what Chavez knew, but today’s Democrats are too stupid to know this simple truth. As Democrats increasingly hispander for the Latino mafia run by Raoul Grijalva and Guittierez, they do more and more damage to the black population of the US. It’s ironic in that they have chosen a group of non-citizen to hispander to, while hugely damaging the citizens who are black. And the black citizens are slowly realizing this.


  2. “For instance, how many voters know the development of a week or so ago that Aetna is pulling out of Obamacare, with the real possibility that others will too? This would destroy the program…”

    It isn’t JUST the Aetna “retrenchment” that represents a current, carefully calculated corporate broadside against Obamacare. The current/recent epiPen cost/reimbursement controversy is likewise and also another corporate attack aimed at the heart of the program. But to be clear, the goal of these tactics isn’t to kill the program, only to maximize the corporate profits to be derived therefrom.

    What both of these recent controversies and corporate tactical maneuvers seem to have in common is just this: Corporations in the health care and insurance industries are finally coming to terms with the fact that Obamacare is the law of the land, and most probably isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Given that, the corporate snouts are now well and truly in the trough, and busily deploying their best tactics and arguments in an effort to squeeze Obamacare, like a ripe pomegranate, for every nickle they can connive to suck out of it. (And predictably, they are basing their arguments on a principal that pretty much all Republicans, at least, feel duty-bound to defend, i.e. the God-given rights of private enterprise, which is to say mega-corporations, to make a buck… or a billion.)

    And yes, while Trump continues to suck all of the oxygen out of anything approaching reasonable debate of actually important public issues, these events, and even the ongoing use of chemical weapons by the regime in Syria, all get lost in the shuffle.


    • I would like to advise readers out there to get a passport in case there is a “train wreck” with Obamacare or even Medicare. Don’t wait until you get sick. I went to Thailand for extensive dental work.

      I have noticed that many prominent foreign health care providers/hospitals have stopped posting price lists on their websites. This happened when they started accepting US health insurance.


      • A friend Paul whose wife was originally from the Czech Republic always used to go there for his dental work. It was cheaper and better than in the U.S., he said, and it gave him a chance to attend concerts in the beautiful old Prague concert halls.


    • Do you know the English term “guilt by association”? I think you do, but if not, look it up.

      When Roy’s kids were growing up, he made sure to live in a poor black neighborhood, so that his kids would have sympathy for impoverished African-Americans.

      You owe Roy Beck a big apology. I want you to post one here.


      • Around 1970 the Seattle School District trashed the school system with cross town busing. We “got out of Dodge” because we didn’t want our kids to be in a failing social experiment. Ship my kids to the most dangerous neighborhood in Seattle? Never!


  3. Trump could have made progress in the African American community if he had not take up such a strong white nationalist tone to a lot of what he said. Before the primary season started read an article that Trump was used by black rappers as a positive image of the height of style and wealth. Trump probably had the best positives among African American communities of any republican probably since Ike who used federal troops to enforce desegregation. He could have proposed an economic nationalism which included immigration that would have appealed to many African Americans.


    • Unfortunately, he didn’t realize that his “Mexico is sending us murderers and rapists” comment would be distorted to “Mexicans are murderers and rapists,” causing everything to go downhill from then on. The black “leaders” felt compelled to express solidarity with the Latino leaders, and the resist is/will be history. He could have been way ahead in the polls right now if he had just thought once in a while like a politician, hypersensitive to perceived meanings.


      • I dispute the notion that he’s an unsavvy politician. He’s clearly better at it that the 16 nuckleheads he beat out for the nomination. (He’s obviously not good enough to go the full distance, but that’s a separate matter.)

        And also, actually, he DID say “They’re murders, they’re rapists…” The video clip has been played on TV about a million times already. Not sure how you could have missed it. Thus, I don’t think that talking about “perceived meanings” is appropriate in this context. His statement wasn’t like vague or easily subject to misinterpretation or anything.

        Personally, I’m not a fan of illegal immigration or illegal immigrants, but he said what he said. Sugar-coating it this late date doesn’t make it any less pointed or any more palatable, e.g. to those of us for whom such obviously false generalizations about an entire huge category of people are just disgusting examples of the absolutely worst aspects of the game of politics.


          • OK, I’ve read it four (4) times now, and it -still- looks like you’ve said that Trump’s comments on Mexicans were “distorted”. And I still don’t think they were distorted at all. He said what he said… “They’re murders, they’re rapists…” So It’s still not clear what your point is.

            Are you trying to draw a fine-grained semantic distinction and claiming that Trump was only referring to the nasty kinds of people that Mexico was “sending us”, and not to Mexicans generally?

            (Just for clarity, I am neither defending nor demonizing Mexicans here. Just trying to understand what you had meant to say, which is still about as clear as mud, at least from where I am sitting.)


          • I took his remarks to mean that of the unauthorized Mexican immigrants engage in crime in the U.S. The media has distorted this to mean that Trump said MOST of the illegals are criminals, and his phrasing simply doesn’t say this.


    • What “white nationalist” tone? Be specific. Maybe all you know is what Hillary told you to know. I am always amused when people make sweeping accusations without any specifics.


  4. Then East Asians in America are leaving white Americans in the dust because white people like Asians more than white people like white people? The black community has a defective social contract. White people ignore white losers. Black people blame white people for the existence of black losers.

    Our “Left Coast” is working the problem. You must have noticed that our young people ignore the old barriers against inter-everything associations. On what basis will the youngest generation choose to mate? I’ll guess on the basis of civility, education, and ambition – winners with winners and losers by default with losers.


    • What you are saying is simplistic and distorted. To say that black people have their own problems, which is true, is not the same as saying that various external factors have not made things worse.


    • East Asians in many industries seem intent on excluding new hires form their ethnic group. Whites like to hire them due to their perceived qualities, but once they get in a hiring position, it’s the same thing they do back in Asia. Nepotism and your rub my back if I hire you. Or. my race comes first. That’s why I couldn’t find work in California. The new tech industry is similar, but age is the new exclusion criteria.


  5. I googled the quote, which brought me to BLM co-founder Alicia Garza’s Bloomberg interview. She says, “Ultimately, Donald Trump is not talking to us. He’s trying to organize ­disaffected white folks who feel like immigrants are taking their jobs. He’s trying to organize the business class. So if Donald Trump is going to be stopped, it has to be by people who he wants to organize saying, ‘We’re not standing for that’.”

    Yup, that’s it, the only people who have anything to lose from increased immigration and work visas are “disaffected white folks” and we just “feel” like that’s the case because we’re bigots. Or something. BLM proving again that their middle class, college-educated activist leadership is out of touch with poor and working class folks.

    I’m a working class woman in Southern California and due to the huge increase in the Hispanic population here, it’s getting harder to find work if you don’t speak Spanish. Most employers want people who are bilingual English/Spanish but for some jobs (e.g., kitchen and landscaping crews) speaking only Spanish can suffice and would be preferable to speaking only English. This is a big problem for most non-Hispanic white and black people without college degrees in areas with large Latino populations.

    Guest worker visas like H-2 are also a problem for low income Americans. So glad Buzzfeed did this article: Companies claim they can’t find Americans to do these jobs but that’s a lie. When times were really tough, my partner and I worked for as little as $5/hr (in my partner’s case, doing hard physical labor outdoors when temperatures topped 105 degrees) and then we have to listen to company executives claim they have to import workers because Americans are too lazy to work these jobs. That’s seriously messed up!

    I’m not a Trump supporter (I don’t think even he knows what his positions are), but I’m definitely not voting for Hillary either. Since Sanders won’t be an option, I may not vote at all in the presidential race.

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    • Please vote. With luck, your state will have the third and fourth parties candidates on the ballot. We need to send the message to DC that they work for us and to let them know how many people are committed enough to go to the ballot box.


    • My daughter works in assisted living homes as a care attendant. In Sioux Falls, SD, she could make 11.50/hour. She moved to Houston, which is hugely filled with lots of illegals. Due to the overabundance of illegal labor, she could only make 9.50/hour there, and no shift differential. This is the impact of illegals – they create a huge over-supply of labor, and Americans cannot get a job with reasonable wages. She is moving to WI.


  6. I came of age in 1970 so vividly remember the discord of the Vietnam era. I am more afraid for the future now than ever before even though I am “short timer”. The divisions and hate of the last few years are far worse than any I saw growing up in the segregated South. I was in the first graduating class at my high school with black students; we had few problems then and certainly not what is occurring today. It is certainly telling how far that community had come when thirty five years later one of my father’s pall bearers was a Black friend and that there were a number of minorities in attendance at a mainline almost exclusively White church.

    Even 20 years ago when my last child graduated from high school, there were problems far more divisive than when my first started high school ten years before. I vividly recall picking my daughter up at school on a Fri. afternoon; as usual, I had to go and hunt her down (before the age of cell phones). She was taking me the long way to her locker to pick up her things. When I asked her why she did not go the shorter route, she replied that the hall we would need to go down was not safe for her due to the people who hung out there. It may be better now that to enter the building, everyone has to pass through metal detectors and there are police officers patrolling the halls. The worst thing that happened when I was in high school was the boys getting drunk and the police having to drive them home on Sat night. (It was a small city of about 20K residents.)

    This week there have been 7 murders in my community of 400K residents; most are minorities killed by other minorities. This cannot continue. We need to be spending our limited resources on other projects.

    It is my fear that the decisiveness and violence will continue to grow . If we are trying to control the rage of issue oriented groups within the country, it will be easier for the country’s enemies to make progress because we are distracted by and weary from the infighting. There are people out there, some of whom are Americans, whose goal is to kill us for no other reason that we are Americans.

    The supporters of the various sides in this coming election are being manipulated by people, many of whom are connected to the DC political class, who benefit financially and with increased perceived stature in the community from the inability of Americans to unite to work for the betterment of all and for the protection of the country from outsiders who want to destroy what we and our ancestors have accomplished.

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    • “This week there have been 7 murders in my community of 400K residents; most are minorities killed by other minorities. This cannot continue. We need to be spending our limited resources on other projects.”

      See Michael Moore’s “Where to Invade Next”, especially the segment on Portugal, where they have legalized all drugs and thus have far fewer such problems.

      This country should have learned in the 1930’s that prohibition doesn’t work, but the lesson has been forgotten.

      “The supporters of the various sides in this coming election are being manipulated…”

      Well… yes. Has it ever been otherwise?


      • I am not in tune enough with the local law enforcement community to know whether the murders are drug or gang related.The problems that the city fathers deliberately created 20 years ago are moving our way. What was once 2 miles away is now within a mile of the home we have had for 30 years. We are too old, infirm and financially unable to relocate, and I do not know where we would go.


  7. Couple of notes.

    1. Talk to any Southern California law enforcement officers and they’ll tell you about the Brown/Black wars. Blacks are frequently being targeted by Latino gangs for violent attacks.
    2. Son-in-law is a Yolo County jailer. He says the Bloods and Crips put down their differences in the jail to stave off attacks from Hispanic gangs. They sometimes even unite with White or Asian gangs.
    3. Up until 1980 the majority of janitorial businesses in the LA area were Black owned and manned. Now they are overwhelmingly Hispanic. While they are not prestige businesses, they nonetheless provide an income and can finance future generations to more lucrative pursuits.
    4. In the last year, believe it was at Virgil’s website, I saw a story about how in one of the Gulf states, Black teenagers were laid off from a fast food chain and replaced with immigrant workers.

    “Inexperienced” white liberals need to educate themselves about minority group tensions. The problems aren’t always caused by prejudiced or bigoted whites, although the open border philosophy of most white progressives should take its share of the blame.

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  8. Invective hurling is how Donald Trump breaks through the MSM embargo on Republicans. Frankly I’m surprised it even works because they know that’s what he’s doing and that’s what they’re doing but they do it anyway. It’s a crazy world anymore. Nothing much comes out of Hillary Clinton but invective and one-line policy statements no more rational than Trump’s. These are not normal times, and there is no great choice here, but there is one side that is clearly better because there is the other side that is clearly worse. That even the “good” side is likely to be a disaster, is just where we are today. One should consider how we got here before trying to dump it all on either of the candidates, they are both after all the players and not the game.


    • As I said recently, Hillary is hurting herself by getting nasty. Her one clear advantage over Trump had been that she was the calm one, and now that is gone.


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