OMG, Right There in America’s Most Pro-Immigration City!

To paraphrase James Carville, some of those sanctuary city-vowin’, amnesty supportin’, “I know a great little place for pot stickers where they don’t speak English”-braggin’ citizens of San Francisco are now finding themselves bitten in the you-know-where by federal immigration policy (including the nonimmigrant visas such as H-1B)! They’ve been Disneyed!

But these are not your average Disney workers. These are highly sophisticated, aggressive people who know how to pull strings. It becomes especially important in light of UC’s generous defined-benefit pension plan. If someone has worked, say 10 years, at UCSF and had planned to work 25, they are having enormous fture pension sums snatched away from them. So it’s real money we’re talking about, which indeed may be what UC had in mind. The laid-off ITers won’t take this lying down.

But there you have it, right there in America’s most famous sanctuary city, richly ironic.


12 thoughts on “OMG, Right There in America’s Most Pro-Immigration City!

    • Hard to say. UCSF is a massive complex, several campuses throughout the city, with a full teaching hospital, hundreds of research labs, a number of Nobel laureates, and so on. So we’re talking about several tens of thousands of workers, most of them with sophisticated IT needs. The ones I know there are of high quality, and I doubt that there is much featherbedding.


  1. So, California citizens and taxpayers must pay for the University just to see it pimp for Indian and other foreign firms. Maybe UC should could continue the trend just accepting foreign students for the higher tuition rate and hire them on graduation eliminating American all together.

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  2. W.Berger is on to something. Corporations have been treating the US as a cash cow for years. They love selling into a first world market. But with H-1Bs they’re trying to pay 3rd world wages. This of course can’t last. At some point the frustration of the Trump and Bernie supporters, along with most of the the rest of the 99%, will blow the lid off. It’s interesting, and perhaps scary, to speculate what form that process might take.

    But as for Berkeley, after Hayward State supposedly stopped accepting US citizens into CS grad programs because foreigners paid more, Berkeley is anti-climactic.


  3. Interesting that the CIO, Bengfort, stresses that they will be retaining so-called high end functions. That’s a standard part of the package that outsourcers use to gain the support of the board and outside media. It doesn’t usually work out that way at all.

    I get the impression this move did not come from the CIO. I hope he’s carefully documenting the directions and board members that drove this change. Outsourcing in professional environments usually doesn’t end well.


  4. Whenever we are near a Chinatown at eating time we look for a place without white people. One can always point at something that someone else is eating.


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