Just Out — the Hillary Clinton H-1B Wiki

For those of you who might not know the term wiki, it is like an online encyclopedia, bringing in all known (or at least lots of) information on a topic in one place. Today people attribute the term to some Hawaiian word for quickness, but I recall that when wikis first became popular, the explanation given was that “wiki” stood for “What I Know Is,” a highly suitable definition.

So, now we have what amounts to the wiki on Clinton regarding H-1B. For those of us who follow the situation closely, most of the material is not new, but some is new to me, and most importantly, author Julia Hahn has done a great job in gathering the amazingly long and rich paper trail on Hillary for the H-1B issue. It will be ignored by the press (and by the National Academy of Sciences), but if anyone needs a reference, this article is supreme.

Pay particular attention to Barack Obama’s scathing criticism of Hillary on H-1B in the 2008 primary election.



18 thoughts on “Just Out — the Hillary Clinton H-1B Wiki

  1. Trump has India ties too.


    “Through the Pune deal, the Trump Organization has developed close ties to India’s Nationalist Congress Party—a centrist political organization that stands for democratic secularism and is led by Sharad Pawar, an ally of the Chordia family that owns Panchshil—but that would be of little help in this investigation. Political power in India rests largely with the Indian National Congress, a nationalist party that has controlled the central government for almost 50 years. (However, Trump is very popular with the Hindu Sena, a far-right radical nationalist group that sees his anti-Muslim stance as a sign he would take an aggressive stand against Pakistan. When Trump turned 70 in June, members of that organization threw a birthday party for the man they called “the savior of humanity.”)”


    • “No doubt, few Indian political groups hoping to establish close ties to a possible future American president could have missed the recent statements from the Trump family that its company wanted to do more deals in their country. As the Republican National Convention was about to get underway in July, the Trump Organization declared it was planning a massive expansion in the South Asian country. “We are very bullish on India and plan to build a pan-India development footprint for Trump-branded residential and office projects,’’ Donald Trump Jr. told the Hindustan Times. “We have a very aggressive pipeline in the north and east, and look forward to the announcement of several exciting new projects in the months ahead.”

      That is a chilling example of the many looming conflicts of interest in a Trump presidency. If he plays tough with India, will the government assume it has to clear the way for projects in that “aggressive pipeline” and kill the investigations involving Trump’s Pune partners? And if Trump takes a hard line with Pakistan, will it be for America’s strategic interests or to appease Indian government officials who might jeopardize his profits from Trump Towers Pune?”


  2. Activities by a individual elected to represent Americans and those legally present should be held to a different and higher standard than that standard of a businessman owing allegiance to shareholders and creditors.

    It is incomprehensible that an elected representative would put the interests of foreign nationals or another country before US citizens and the US interests.


  3. Despite Hilary’s awful record on replacing American workers, I think the title “How Hillary Clinton Masterminded a Global Scheme to Replace American Workers” is misleading. The outsourcing and importation of cheap “the best and the brightest” started before she became a senator. She just very enthusiastically jumped on the bandwagon. The real credit goes to her “I feel your pain” husband.


      • Actually the story goes back to President Jimmy Carter, the Georgia Democrat who protected as a party loyalist Rep. Joshua Eilberg (D-PA) in 1978 after a kickback scandal involving Eilberg’s law firm and Hahnemann Medical Hospital broke open that year. You may learn more about the kickback scandal by searching for the William Safire article, “Big Shot Crook Goes Free.”

        Eilberg utilized once-in-a-lifetime parliamentary tactics to sneak through the “Eilberg Amendment” in 1976 in response to undisclosed considerations from the Association of American Universities. The Eilberg Amendment was the genesis of the H-1B Visa in 1990 – and was cited as a legislative precedent.

        To learn more, please use Google to search for BOTH phrases, “Eilberg Amendment” and “Gene Nelson” – there were about 41 results when I checked on 21 September 2016. There is such a cesspool of corruption regarding the Eilberg Amendment and H-1B. Both should be repealed as harmful “Bad Law.”

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      • Right, the visa was enacted under Bush I. Which just underlines my point that the title is misleading.

        Considering that it is coming from breitbart.com, I can add that it is DELIBERATELY misleading. Not that the facts listed in it are inaccurate….


          • I thought I was very clear.

            The title of the article claims that Hillary had invented – masterminded – a scheme to replace American workers. This is false – she is an enthusiastic supporter of the scheme, but the entire political class is guilty of that, and the title obfuscates this fact.

            People from Breitbart support Trump, they want to blame Clinton for everything that is bad, and, thus, they had created this misleading title deliberately – many don’t read the entire article and it is the title that will hit on the subliminal level.


  4. > Pay particular attention to Barack Obama’s scathing criticism of Hillary on H-1B in the 2008 primary election.

    That is interesting, especially considering how supportive Obama seems to have been of H-1B and OPT workers. On this topic, the White House web site has posted several faulty and unsourced claims that there is a broad shortage of STEM workers. Most of these claims are do not involve complex regressions and/or analysis (like Zavodny’s 2.62 jobs claim) but are simple claims that could be fact-checked and found to be faulty by a third-grader. I attempted to notify the White House about these claims via their contact form at https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact but received no response. Hence, I posted the comment as an open letter at http://econdataus.com/whletter1.htm .

    As mentioned at http://econdataus.com/claim400k.htm , Hillary did repeat a couple of these claims. I sent an email to the Clinton campaign regarding this and likewise received no response. Hence, there appears to be no way to fix such errors in this country. If we are suffering from a critical shortage of anything, it seems to be of writers who can properly handle simple arithmetic and/or of media who can fact-check these claims before repeating them.


  5. Wiki was developed by Jumbo Wales in the early 1990s. He used to be a frequent participant in usenet news discissions, and as he worked on this, he started having to apologize for not getting back to respond to their comments in threads in which he was a primary participant. Then he made reference to working on a project. Then said he had to be gone for a while to get the project finished. Then he announced….

    Or at least that is my impression of the limited view I had of it. It could be that someone else
    did the initial development of the wiki core, and he just built on that.


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