52 thoughts on “The Woman Who Lost the White House for the Democrats (It’s NOT Hillary)

  1. Well, a lot of angry people are out there. Angry about loss of jobs and disappearance of the middle class. Anger at nothing done about the flood of illegal immigrants and their cost to our communities. Anger at Wall Street and greed of the top 1%, even top 10%. Angry of being left out. Angry about the do-nothing Washington DC and its stalemate for years, angry about the years of increasing violence in the Middle East that now spans outward. Angry, angry, angry.

    “Take this Washington DC”.

    They will demand Trump do the list of things he said he’d do.

    Hard to unring a bell. Will there be buyers’ remorse?


      • What are his promises? I’ve seen him support staple a green card, support OPT, and support making small changes to the H1B system but not anything that will have much of an impact.

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        • He has said that he’ll have H-1B require hiring priority for Americans. This would help, but I doubt he could get it through Congress, and if he supports Staple (as he has), then Game Over.

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    • Anger? Anger?? In this election we were basically given a choice of voting for either Roy Blankfein or Rupert Murdoch. Either way, the electorate was destined to shoot itself in the foot. I’m not sure that “anger” provides either an adequate explanation -or- an adequate justification for shooting one’s self, selectively, in either the right foot or the left. If you’re not up there with the 1% then you’re gonna be screwed in the end either way. (Ref: “What’s the Matter with Kansas?”)

      As regards to the “flood” of illegal immigrants, I’m one of those people that have myself been mad about this issue/problem for quite some time now, -however- that having been said, it occured to me the other day that we have something like 320 million people in this country, and that the allegation is that we’ve got something on the order of 11 million illegal aliens. So basically, we’re talking like a grand total of only about 3% of everybody walking around. Not exactly a “flood” when you think about it in those terms. Not that I want any of them to stay, or to be granted any special privledges or anything. I don’t. Far from it. But we should keep some perspective about the real magnitude of the problem. In the grand scheme of things, it just ain’t that big and awful… not yet at least. And anyway, if the guberment got off its ass and sarted imposing the death penality on anyone who HIRES illegal aliens, the problem would vanish instantly. If they had no work, then they’d all go home. But the elites in this country, including newly minted friend-of-the-people Trump, don’t want to talk about anything like that which would affect the demand side of the equation, because they might have to give up their nannies, the people who work in their meat packing plants, or the cheap labor people who change the linens in their hotels.

      Mind you the thing that really chaps my hide, and the place where the Blue Team seriously overplays its hand, is when they go ’round giving out special favors to the people who shouldn’t even be here. I’m in California, and our elected knuckleheads in this state even decided that it should be perfectly OK for people who aren’t even in this country legally TO PRACTICE LAW IN THIS STATE. You can’t make stuff like this up. It’s too absurdly, ridiculously insane.

      Anyway, the list goes on and on. I generally vote with the Blue Team, but it really kills me when they start bleeting “Oh, we’ll all be better off if we give them driver’s licenses. Oh, we’ll all be better off if we give them all free flu shots, and hepatitus treatments, and …” Gimme a break. Everybody knows this is just bribery aka pandering. Maybe this is the real reason Hillary lost (and why Bernie might have done so too). I’m independent, but generally on the Blue Team, but even I am often totally disgusted by the level of shameless pandering.

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      • The illegals are not uniformly distributed across the country. They are concentrated in certain regions in which they have a substantial impact on jobs, government expenditures and so on.

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      • In my school district, Hispanics are now the largest ethnic group. Most schools now have D or F ratings. Even one of the suburban districts has 30% plus Hispanic. The diversion of resources due to ESL courses is amazing. They finally decided to give all elementary students a free lunch – never mind that when my children had to pay full price, they took their lunches because we could not afford it.

        The crime rate in once moderate income neighborhoods has skyrocketed. The ethnic gangs are adversely affecting the murder rate; there are parts of town to which I will no longer go. Once grim low income housing is even worse.


        • Saw it happen in Sacramento. About 10 years ago, a relatively brand new high school, Natomas High, got a rating of 3 or below out of 10. There was talk of it being taken over by the state or feds. You can talk all you want about putting money in schools but if the parents or the kids don’t have a desire or priority for education, its all a waste. And we need to impose discipline. Many CA metro schools are training academies for prisons. The culture has go to change.

          Trump can best help the inner cities and minority areas by passing voucher bills. Private and religious school do a much better job for a fraction of the price. We need to stop funding school unions who’s priority is protecting union jobs, enlarging useless bureaucracies.


  2. Don’t forget Donna Brazile.

    And let’s face it – Hillary was a happy recipient of their dirty dealings.

    Contrary to a popular belief, powerful women are more belligerent and conniving then men.


        • Sanych, your new comment does NOT make your first comment less sexist. Who are you to say “there is something about women”? Rather, “there is something about men” like you who are misogynist.

          Norm, your response was incredibly weak.


          • I didn’t endorse what he said, merely pointed that I believe it had been the subject of academic inquiry.

            I’ll say this, though: I’ve never liked it when it is acceptable to say something positive about a certain group, but to say something negative is racist/sexist/ageist or whatever. If someone had said “Women are more qualified to be managers, because (say) they are more patient,” would you have objected?

            Since I have a daughter, I’m very concerned about sexism, and am sympathetic to the feminist viewpoint. But quashing discussion isn’t productive.


  3. Hopefully she will be run out of town on a trail. BUT NOT ALONE!

    The entire DNC staff should be summarily fired. The RNC has the same problem, but the Russians decided not to leak they’re internal workings. If the DNC cleans house (fat chance) and decides to represent the people rather than the corporations and 1%ers, they may have a chance.

    Otherwise, the Republicans will continue to fail, and the pendulum will swing back to the other corrupt party.

    Don’t blame me! I voted for Evan McMullin. It’s time to break the back of the two party system. Until Americans can be intelligent enough to make complex instead of binary decisions (3 instead of 2), I don’t have much hope for this nation.


  4. Do you think that perhaps Hillary allowing priority access of foreign donors to the State Department through her foundation, as well as her gross negligence in protecting our nation’s most trusted secrets might also have been a factor in Americans not seeing her as ethical, trustworthy and capable of being a president we could be proud of?


    • Exactly. The MSM goes on about this demographic and that demographic, when the problem was a loathsome candidate. I am shocked Hillary got any votes at all.


  5. Norm, you’re assuming Bernie could have won. Given all Hillary’s issues and lack of enthusiasm for her, you could be right. But on the other hand, given the groundswell for DT, maybe not. Certainly, going forward, both parties will be doing much needed soul searching in a number of areas.


      • Bernie’s supporters and the core Trumpers have many common concerns. While they differ in the solutions they now present, their passion should result in approaches – very out of the box – that can take the country forward to benefit all.


      • Neither Bernie nor Trump had the backing of the cheating element of their respective parties — the “consultants” who rig polls and play dirty tricks. I suspect Bernie vs. Trump would have been close, but Trump would still have won. He had to go up against The Machine — both his own party’s in the primaries, and the Dems’ in the general election. With Bernie vs. Trump, both sets of consultants and grifters would have been on the sidelines, not just one party’s.


    • Neither party will be doing any self-reflection. Actually, the more accurate question is how will the party elites and their their rich donor classes reflect on the election. It looks to me like when the democrats lose, their reaction is to move further right, closer to corporate interests, while at the same time increasingly engaging in divisive and destructive identity politics. The gop looks to move even further into the crazy right. Basically, large swaths of the base of both parties are in revolt against the party establishments. And both establishments lost at least temporarily. How Trump will re-align the political landscape is unknown at this time as he is inconsistent. He could bring back the old gop elites, or put into power a new group of people.


  6. There is the opportunity to influence the regulations governing guest workers and international students and their participation in the US workforce. This is important not only in STEM but also business, education and the medical professions. We need to define policies to encourage post secondary training both at universities and at vocational schools. We need to suggest ways to match people with careers and support them in career changes as the country’s needs change.

    What is the best way to go forward both to contribute to defining the agenda and to advocating for specific solutions?


    • The best way is to start at the bottom. We are importing workers to harvest food, mow lawns, clean hotel rooms, do restaurant work, etc. Many of these workers earn below minimum wage (6 month “training wage”).

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  7. Debbie W-S, is hardly the only one who has some ‘splainin to do.

    Let’s not forget James Comey, whose transparent and, in the end, pointless, attempt to cover his own ass landed like Rush Limbaugh talking point into the final weeks of that campaign. Did it make a difference? Well, like you said Norm, the margin of victory was quite slim in a lot of places, so who knows?


  8. Don’t forget to include Jill Stein. Paul Krugman tweeted, “Btw, Jill Stein has managed to play Ralph Nader. Without her Florida might have been saved”


    • Strange. I looked up the totals, and if all the Stein votes went to Clinton, Hillary still would have lost. I read one analysis that claimed this, and what the person did was to include 50% of Johnson’s vote along with all of Stein’s vote. If the democratic party establishment wants to believe this, just another example of how out of touch they are. I did not read the original claim by Krugman, but seems like he is unhinged over the loss.

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  9. On the last Saturday episode of “This American Life” the discussion centered on the fact that Hillary Clinton had never learned to use computers. She was effectively connected to one version of Blackberry which she knew how to operate in order to get her emails.

    Do you remember how we are told that to learn new skills or we would not get a job? She thought this does not apply to her.

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      • The fact that she was so uninformed that she would use an unsecured network for government business shows that she is either stupid or suffering from loss of mental capabilities due to age.

        He conduct regarding the transmission of information is unacceptable (for lack of a better word). A person who would do this lacks the mental capacity to lead a Brownie troop much less be the POTUS.


    • My Story: It’s long, sorry, but I let it all out. Maybe someone actually reads these, and The Donald will be for helping all workers.

      I lost my good technology job TWICE in a mass layoff of Americans where we were required to train our foreign replacements. The foreigners are not the best and brightest, as intended by the H-1B and other visa laws, if we had to train them to do our jobs. AIG in 1994 and IBM in 2009. This was due to American companies wanting cheap labor who are paid well below the fair market pay rate. These companies offshore their jobs to other countries, receiving U.S. tax breaks to do so. This offshoring is largely facilitated by American companies using the H-1B, L1 and other visas to bring foreigners into our country who are given our jobs, and who then work with their back office foreign locations to offshore work. U.S. students now often shun STEM technology education because they see no future and no jobs for them when they graduate. The false impression that there is a shortage of STEM technology American workers is a big lie by lobbyists, industry and immigration attorneys so they can trick the U.S. Congress and President into thinking they need more visas – they do NOT. I graduated summa cum laude from Boston College, my major was business management and technology. I was awarded at graduation the General Excellence award (after the valedictorian and salutatorian). I have my MBA. My career has many promotions and advancement, and good review ratings. In my recent career years at IBM, I am very current with my skills and experience as a certified senior technical specialist, a certified PMP (Project Management Professional) and a certified IBM Project Advisor. When laid off in 2009, I sent out hundreds of resumes and received no job offer. JP Morgan Chase’s interviewing manager asked me, pointedly, TWICE why didn’t I retire – illegal and blatant age discrimination because of my white hair. Additionally, I applied for a job opening while still with IBM as I tried to stay employed, and the HR person for that area emailed me that they were interviewing and considering foreigners first, and if they found no one for the job than they would consider Americans. I complained to my own manager who confirmed this is true, and is therefore an IBM companywide policy. THEY EMAILED ME THAT, showing how bold they are and how open they are about avoiding American workers. Another IBM manager said in writing that I was a fit for a job opening she had, but IBM HR stopped the transfer saying that this job was being offshored and I could not have it. A man already in a twin job lost it when that job was also offshored. There are other horror stories of discrimination. Yes, there is also discrimination based on national origin. Today’s American companies discriminate against AMERICAN workers. That’s right, our law protects foreigners, not Americans.


    • I wonder if this link is real. If you do a google search for ptt websites, it turns up Turkish sources and such. I wonder if it is some prank or attempt at hacking? This link asks name and email. You click a button to submit. Consider that there is no tie back to a main page for a Trump website.

      I did get another similar page (not through this link) to apply for a job with Trump, and people would type in lots of personal info. https://apply.ptt.gov/

      Great for hacikng.


  10. And speaking of sexism … a neighbor mentioned a Hispanic couple being interviewed leaving the poll. The woman said she voted for Hillary with much enthusiasm. Her husband said, with some disgust, that he’d never vote for a woman.

    It may well be that Hillary had the lower Hispanic vote than prior Democrats because of some cultures where males are resistant to women in power. That could certainly have influenced the Florida vote in Dade County. And lost her the election. That simple. It’d be interesting to see if any statistics were broken down to this level to learn more, but the logic makes sense.


  11. Just heard Michael Moore say something that may be why Hillary lost Michigan. The woman at the Flint debate (town hall) with the first question, went on TV the week before the election talking about how her question had been given to Hillary prior to the debate by Donna B. She was a prop. That plus Obama went to Flint and drank the water, when the pipes were still not changed and had toxins, and no media covered Flint after that. On election day, when Hillary lost by 11,000 Michigan votes, 90,000 voters in Michigan voted for every position except President. They could not vote for Trump, but would not vote Democrat.

    Michael Moore predicted the Trump win with facts last July. He was ignored. And he was right. The people wearing ball caps to his speeches would vote and would go to the fires of hell with him. Another point Moore brought up is that this began with Reagan, when he took on the air controllers union, and no other unions stood up in protest. That snowballed into the feeling of being left out and ignored, and the loss of the middle class. Along with the mentality of the country called Middle America. Candidates and the media failed to see any of that. Huff Post had Hillary winning by a landslide of 98%

    Now I am going to watch Moore’s “October Surprise” documentary Trumpland. I think we all might learn from it. Moore, from Michigan and wearer of a ball cap, got it, and got it right.


  12. There is a lot to blame. The biggest is Hillary’s decision to agree with the Democrats and the left and support open borders and unregulated immigration. This has been a long term plan of the Democrats.

    I can’t find a better link but I think this is the guy. There was a Democrat lawyer under Ken Starr on the Whitewater investigation. During his research he found out that Al Gore had been tasked with speeding up immigration in 5 states. Basically flood the nation with illegals to insure a blue super-majority to win every election as well as to pass every liberal, progressive or statist law they wanted. To win the vote, promise every free social program, regardless of the cost.


    If the left would just compromise we can solve the immigration issues. Most Republicans I talk to back amnesty. But that is after a secure border wall is built. All illegals should be registered and investigated. The 99% that are law-abiding should be allowed to stay. But the 1% that are involved in criminal or terrorist activities need to be arrested or deported.

    In early 2014, we saw Gov Brown on TV, meeting with Mexican govt officials. He stated that illegal immigrants were welcome, had rights and deserved services. I told my wife it was time to leave. Took 2 years but I got a job in Oregon. Ran into many CA people who did the same. We had lived in the Sacramento metro area. In those 2 years we saw violent crime go up. Nearby Stockton had a murder weekly if not more. Formerly safe Sacto neighborhoods were seeing assaults, drive-by shootings, home invasions, rapes and murders. It was ridiculous. Then we heard of how the US border patrol and ICE had their hands tied by the Obama administration. No wonder their unions backed Trump.

    On a related note, Obama, Clinton and the CA government response to the increase crime or terror incidents has always been “We need MORE Gun Control!”. What a bunch of BS! Gun control is only effective against law-abiding gun owners. Criminals don’t comply. We need CRIME CONTROL.


  13. Great article on both candidates but especially on Clinton and media:


    Also, this was quite a shocker coming from the Chicago Tribune and after Trump’s groping revelations:


    Final comment: A fellow gun owner here in Oregon told me he didn’t vote. He said he was planning on voting for Bernie until Bernie got screwed over by the DNC. Call us naive but my wife and I feel that Senator Bernie Sanders is an honest man that genuinely wants to help the average American. We don’t agree with all his policies but he still would have been better than Hillary and probably would have beaten Trump.


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