UCSF Rally

As I noted the other day, a number of UC San Francisco IT workers held a rally yesterday, to protest being laid off and forced to train their foreign replacements. Several reports have been posted in the press, including one in Computerworld one in the San Jose Mercury News, and one on KPIX-TV, the SF CBS affiliate.

The print pieces have more detail, but the TV report is useful for its visual depiction of the racial diversity of the protesting workers. This diversity is in stark contrast to UC’s post-election statement, which stated that, in spite of Donald Trump’s election,

The University of California is proud of being a diverse and welcoming place for students, faculty and staff with a wide range of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. Diversity is central to our mission.

That UC would have an official and negative response to the election of a president is, I believe, unprecedented, especially in view of it being at odds with the manner in which UC treats its diverse labor force.

Oakland (UC talk for UC system headquarters) seems to be compounding this PR problem by stating, “UC does not plan to use the H-1B program to bring in foreign professionals…” This seems to be one of those fingers-crossed-behind-back statements that are so common in employer announcements. From the press reports, firms like HCL, not UC, are the actual employers, and of course the workers may be L-1s rather than H-1Bs. So the UC statement amounts to slick evasion, as is the fact that at least some of the training appears to be international communication via Skype.

I heard a rumor, unconfirmed, that UCSF sent an e-mail message warning workers not to attend the rally. If true, that would violate UC policy in umpteen ways, so I presume no such message was sent, but the situation as a whole is already disturbing enough.



7 thoughts on “UCSF Rally

  1. Excellent again – The KPIX coverage reported that “the jobs are being sent offshore.” Is that true? I think more likely the reporters don’t understand the basics of what’s happening.


  2. What is Zoe Lofgren bemoaning? She we was a key champion that made this happen. I spent many frustrating hours on the phone with her staff over her BRAIN Act in 1999. Seemed that none of them had one – absolute denial that Americans could be displaced by these workers.


  3. “UC does not plan to use the H-1B program to bring in foreign professionals…”

    Of course not. It is much cheaper to outsource the work then to directly hire H-1B workers. If UC hired H-1Bs then UC would have to provide benefits (vacation, sick days, health, retirement).

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  4. I note that Computerworld has exiled the comments section to the Siberia of it’s social media sites.

    A “university” that virtue signals at every opportunity, attempts to hide/cover up its amoral behavior.

    I don’t know whether this is legal; but it shows UCSF will stoop to every slimy PR/legal trick to profit itself as the “robber baron capitalists” it probably loathes. Power to the people! Indeed.


  5. White, Black, Asian and maybe even Hispanic workers. And all American citizens. The Computerworld photo should be on the home page of every anti-H1B website. Only thing missing was some laid-off female workers. Too bad they couldn’t work in LGBT, disabled and veteran.

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