An Outstanding Opportunity for Trump Cabinet Selection

Those who were longing for some peace and quiet once the election was over need to wake up: Donald Trump is going to continue to generate controversy, and be constantly attacked by Democrats and the press, from now until he leaves office. Currently, it seems that most of his cabinet picks will be of that nature.

In a recent post, I discussed Breitbart News but declined to comment on its recent CEO and later Trump campaign chief and cabinet nominee Stephen Bannon. I simply know nothing about the man. However, there is one remark of his I wish to discuss here, as it relates to a recent post in this blog, and to two women whose names are being mentioned as possible cabinet picks, SC governor Nikki Haley, an Indian-American and prominent educational reformer Michelle Rhee, a Korean-American.

Bannon is quoted in the Huffington Post:

“When two-thirds or three-quarters of the CEOs in Silicon Valley are from South Asia or from Asia, I think…” Bannon said. “A country is more than an economy. We’re a civic society.”

It’s not clear what he really meant (and by the way, the article quotes Trump as disagreeing with Bannon), but it would seem that Bannon is questioning whether Asian-origin American CEOs will be loyal to the U.S. Of course, some would counter that people at the top of most multinationals, U.S. born or not, don’t seem that loyal to the U.S. either, but Bannon is raising a fundamental question.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a piece here titled, “Clinton, Trump, Birtherism and the Perpetual Foreigners,” that latter term being one of the most common complaints among Asian-American social/political activists: Asian-Americans, even those born here, are viewed by many as “foreign.” I pointed out that even Hillary Clinton had engaged in exploiting thinking along similar lines.

Since about 2/3 of Asian-American adults are indeed immigrants, the “foreigner” perception may be rational. And we all know about the long list of ethnic Chinese immigrants who have been convicted of industrial espionage for China. But — excuse a term used too often during the election campaign by both sides — this kneejerk suspicion of Asian-Americans is inconsistent with American values, and just plain unfair.

If Trump appoints Haley and Rhee to his cabinet, he will go a long way to counter that Perpetual Foreigner attitude. He would also score points with many Asian-Americans, and teach a thing or two to those who pronounce “women of color” as if it were a single word rather than a phrase. I know rather little about Haley, but I am a big fan of Rhee, an enormously capable woman who could finally do something about education rather than just expand the number of Dept. of Education bureaucrats. Go for it, Mr. Trump!


37 thoughts on “An Outstanding Opportunity for Trump Cabinet Selection

  1. Michelle Rhee savaged the Washington, DC school system while I was working in the national capitol region. Turns out she is a big fan of the controversial H-1B Visa program and eliminated the positions of many experienced instructors in the Washington, DC school system. Now there are many H-1B teachers there. 😦


      • you will not find the data there unless the university itself obtained the visas.
        If they went through any type of agency, it will show up under the agency name


        • Yes, that seems to be suggested by the article at which states:

          > While it`s correct that Washington DC has filed LCAs for foreign teachers, the total number of applications is probably the tip of the iceberg. That`s because, like most school districts, the DC public schools are probably using bodyshops for most of their hiring of foreign workers. A similar situation occurred in Louisiana, where a couple dozen LCAs were filed to hire H-1Bs directly, while at the same time a bodyshop called Universal Placement International was used to hire the bulk of the Filipino teachers.

          > Be sure to read Patrick Cleburne`s excellent blog concerning the Washington Examiner article.

          > H-1B visas aren`t the only way to import foreign teachers, so counting LCAs can lead to undercounts. The J-1 visa with an Optional Practical Training (OPT) authorization can also be used to hire them as long as they are considered “student teachers”. J-1/OPT work authorizations don`t require an LCA, so we have no way to know how many of them DC schools are using — and the number of OPTs allowed into the U.S. is unlimited.

          However, I do notice that the article is dated November 13, 2009 so it would be useful to find something more recent.


  2. I think bannon was referring to a term that you do not want to discuss on this site.

    We are a society.
    A society of all races, shapes, colors, religions.

    But all of the EEOC things that have led us to that point seem to be being forcibly removed from our society by those who do not value our heritage or the things that made America what it is today.

    As an example, how many in Silicon Valley in the firms mentioned by bannon discuss quality of life?
    Or do they all mention you have to work incredibly hard to get to where you want to be.
    Which means they put you on a salary so that they do not have to mention hours and then they build a culture of expecting you to work 80 plus hour weeks.

    And they exclude the american from that workforce because the American believes in quality of life and they will advocate that for those that do not know any better as quality of life is not something that they were brought up on.

    Have any of you ever watched the triangle shirtwaist factory fire video that Charles Kernaghan produced?

    All of the things that our ancestors worked to drive from America are coming back.

    America was built on the rights of the people to build the life that they wanted regardless of where they were born or which family they were born into.

    And we are destroying that opportunity in America.

    I have tried to find somebody to help support me so that I could write a book along those lines.

    But it seems nobody seems willing to even discuss it, and they point fingers at people like bannon who appears to me to want displaced americans like us to be put at the front of the line simply because we are american citizens who live in america.

    If that is wrong, well I believe those people need to look in the mirror and research some of the things I have uncovered over the last 9 years like these charts.

    Sadly, the person, or entity that they should be blaming is our mainstream media, owned, and controlled by six corporations who do nothing to promote the balance between capital and labor and everything to tilt the scales towards capital.

    I have personally tried to start a newspaper covering these items.
    I have personally sent numerous emails showing what I have uncovered to newspaper associations like the ones that exist in Texas.

    None respond.

    The impression I get is that would destroy their credibility to which I say, your credibility has already been destroyed by not having the back of the citizens of your community, county, and state.


  3. Rhee sounds like a good pick but Haley is for expanding the H1-B.

    Republican Nikki Haley, governor of South Carolina, and a likely contender for a vice presidential ticket, has also come out in support of India.

    “We have so many Indian students that come here and go to our universities and what kills me is the fact that they are trained, they are talented and then they get sent back. There’s a lot of talent in India and that talent when they come here and they get educated here, it’s the first talent we want to see be able to join our forces and work for our companies,” said Haley, speaking to BusinessLine.


    • Unfortunately, that is exactly the position of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I’ve been complaining for more than a year about Trump in that regard; where have you been?


        • I am sure that Sessions will have influence. The question is whether Sessions supports Staple a Green Card (as Haley does, per your quote of her). I am sure that if Sessions and Trump were given the true facts about the foreign students in the U.S., they would oppose Staple. But that is a big, big IF. Given that most people on our side are supporting the notion that the Intels use foreign worker programs responsibly and that the main abuse comes from the Infosyses, how are Sessions and Trump supposed to understand?

          If Staple becomes law, it is Game Over. It’s a shame that so many people fail to understand that.

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          • I think Staple has a good chance of becoming law. Once colleges start to run into money problems, they will lobby for Staple. Many colleges seek foreign students because they pay “full-freight” tuition. Staple will increase the number of foreign students.


          • True, but there are also countervailing forces. Staple would greatly reduce incentives for foreign students to pursue a PhD after a Master’s. Most research universities would consider that absolutely disastrous.


          • I have told people that say they have the ear of sessions what is happening and they say they relay the message, but my suspicion is they control the flow of information to sessions

            No need mentioning names as it won’t do anything.

            But Mr. Matloff has a very important statement here when he says “what gets to sessions?”


      • Actually many years ago when the petitions to congress to limit the H1-B were circulating I asked a programmer friend to sign. He had been out of work for a while and without a college degree it was tough going. I eventually found him a job at the start up I was working for. He immediately went to the management and labelled me as a racist because of the petition, and with some exaggeration caused me to be fired. He took my job as the architect project lead. I had a hard time recovering from this and really never worked in Java full time or as a project lead again. My references at that time disappeared. I really don’t care about the race of the Indians, in fact they are Caucasians, but their sheer number frightens me. i read somewhere that the number of unemployed Software developers in India is in the millions. They have a population of over 1 billions 3x times what we have.

        If I am employed there is hope that it can continue forever and I become somewhat silent. Now that I am long term unemployed especially at my age, I have become much more active on this message board.


        • You seem to think that the Infosyses hire Indians (true) while the Intels don’t (false). In fact, the number of employer-sponsored green cards (a space not participated in by the Infosyses) has been increasing for Indians and decreasing for Chinese, the nearest competitor.

          Your story indicates just how easy it is to play the Race Card.


        • To put the numbers into perspective, and I mention this because I believe it is a very important point.

          In America, we have about 30% of our employees that have a college degree.
          We have about 150,000 employees.

          That is 45 million Americans that have a college degree.

          If the same holds true for India and china, they have an easy 300 million each that want and need a job.

          Now that our employers in America have made the statement that their jobs require a college degree even though they don’t, this has immediately eliminated people like myself, and opened up a market of 600 million people that want 45 million jobs.

          Until we come to understand that, and fight it, it will grow much worse


  4. Michelle Rhee would be a good choice.
    Nikki Haley, not so much.

    So, Norm, are you going to support me for Secretary of Labor?
    I would be fully committed to fixing the H1-B program, that’s for sure.

    (Just like we fixed the cat.)


  5. Haley – “pro life”, pro H-1B… just great.

    Rhee – Teach For America? – would you go to someone from “Doctor for America”or “Lawyer for America”? The program is naive at best and damaging at worst.
    Rhee … daughters attend private schools. Quite a testimony to support for public education.

    Diane Ravitch’s take on the woman:


      • Teach for America teachers cost more than a professionally educator. The districts pay the normal salary and then there are the TFA benefits. In my city, developers were providing apartments at below market rent at one time; I do not know if that continues.

        The local university is a summer training site; they use the summer school as the lab school. OK, give kids that are in class because they are behind as the guinea kids with the TFA trainees.

        The last thing my district needs is a bunch of East Coast do-gooders looking down their noses at our locally grown professionals who do a terrific job under increasingly difficult conditions. The number of students for whom English is a second language is now the largest demographic group (No, I am not in a border state.) My district is not alone in this phenomena.


  6. Rhee, a Democrat, is a big supporter of Common Core and is not a proponent of School of Choice. In this regard, she is in opposition the the President-elect. If Trump chooses Rhee, expect a major backlash from Trumps core supporters.


      • Just follow the money. Many officials are being paid sky-high salaries.

        Also, “Based on empirical data these technology costs were assessed by the Commission to be at an annual $183/tested-student, or around $600M annually for the 3.3M students tested in California” “Computer glitches are common. Sometimes the server gets overloaded and breaks down.”

        The idea of an organization making money off our kids/taxpayers with some high cost testing does not sit well with me. Only three states did not sign up for Common Core including my home state of Texas. Three more states repealed Common Core and many more may do so in the future due to costs.

        Kansas and Alaska got out of Common Core and both decided to have a Kansas university create their tests. I am confident California universities have the smarts to create a test for California students.


      • Go find yourself elementary children and help with their math homework. As an MS in EE, I had trouble figuring out what they wanted my second grade granddaughter to do. She did not know math facts but was supposed to be solving ambiguous word problems.

        Revisionist history is another issue. Fortunately, I have a lot of reference books left from when both my children and I were in school. I also make a point of purchasing historically accurate literature that describes the life and times of our ancestors. They need to appreciate what incredible people settled this country and made it what it is today.

        The best thing from the science curricula is the lizard that came home at the end of that unit.


      • effectively it’s a return to the original intention of public education. To train students to not drown in 6″ of their own pee. Where the school of choice advocates want all their special snowflakes to be the best they can be at taxpayers expense and the lumps of coal can stay in their inner-city schools since their parents don’t care anyways. As you can see I don’t have much respect for either view since the most productive first world education systems are a hybrid of both, core class about 3 days worth a week with club/apprentice/internship filling in the sports, humanities, and technical skill education all separately funded and managed from the core education systems. The US does this a little in technical and work-study, but it’s a joke compared to what they do in Germany and Japan with these kind of programs.


  7. I’ve been more concerned about congress. How many in the past have sponsored even the most timid of H-1B reform bills? How many who sponsored visa/immigration perversion bills will be in the 115th congress? How many immigration/visa reformers will there be in the 115th congress?

    Of course, those hopeful of Trump appointments can apply

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  8. Interesting interview (archived here) with Pramit Pal Chaudhuri on (first part) the Republican Hindu Coalition and (second part) Trump’s business interests in and political statements about India. Some factoids presented (and time into the audio):

    * ~0:20: “the biggest market for [Trump-branded developments] outside North America turns out to be India.”

    * ~4:10: Desis currently are “the wealthiest per-capita ethnic group in the [US], having overtaken the Jews a few years ago.”


  9. This idea that we should let anyone and everyone in is insane. Many other cultures harbor deep resentments towards the west and towards white people in particular.

    The idea of letting millions upon millions of these people in who hate us can only lead to our own downfall.

    Every other country on earth has borders, laws, immigration enforcement, and protection for its own citizens first.

    What kind of nation is it that puts the citizens of other countries before its OWN citizens?

    If the USA will not protect its own citizens first, and give job priority to its own citizens first, then it is not a nation but merely a place, a free-for-all, and a place where anything goes. Is that what we want?

    On top of that American workers spend their $ in the USA, while foreign workers send it right out of the country in the form of remittances. Indians have a saying amongst themselves: “loot and remit, die for dollars”. They come here to export our cash in vast quantities – which is illegal in China by the way.

    We need to keep our own people employed instead of filling our companies with “foreigners” who remit over $200 billion of our cash out of the country every single year.

    This is sheer madness and our economy cannot sustain itself with this going on. Things will only get worse.

    One Indian was amazed and told me: “We take your jobs and you do not even raise your voices!”.

    Here’s some “squeak” to consider:


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