Trump Surprises Tech Leaders on H-1B (?)

In a post here more than a year ago, I lauded Donald Trump’s posted platform policy on the H-1B work visa and related issues. But two days later, Trump clarified his position, ruining the effect of his earlier policy completely, so I posted a followup, ending with the statement, “Trump’s a chump.” What did I object to so strongly? Trump now said, in essence, that he wanted to clamp down on the “Infosyses” — the firms that hire H-1Bs and rent them out to other companies — but thought the “Intels” — the firms that hire H-1Bs directly — use the program responsibly. As I have explained many times, this Intels Good, Infosyses Bad view is inaccurate, and will lead to disastrous results, notably a Staple a Green Card to Their Diplomas policy, giving automatic green cards to all STEM foreign students earning degrees in the U.S.

Contrary to what you read in the press (and even to what Trump himself has sometimes said), Trump has been quite consistent on that issue ever since. In particular, he has endorsed Staple, implicitly and explicitly, many times.

So, in advance of Trump’s meeting yesterday with Silicon Valley CEOs, I was expecting him to endorse Staple again. But I certainly wasn’t expecting this account from Recode:

At the top of the gathering (I may not have the order of all the topics exactly right), Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella brought up perhaps the most thorny issue: Immigration and how the government can help tech with things like H-1B visas to keep and bring in more talent. Nadella pointed out that much of the company’s spending on research and development was in the U.S., even if 50 percent of the sales were elsewhere, so that immigration would benefit those here.

Surprisingly to the group, Trump apparently responded favorably, “Let’s fix that,” he said, without a specific promise, and then asked, “What can I do to make it better?”

This is rather bizarre wording, almost sounding like Trump had never even heard of the H-1B visa, and even more industry-friendly than proposing Staple.

If the above account is accurate, it is troubling in ways that go beyond H-1B. Does Trump get confused that easily? Frankly, I in fact doubt that the account is entirely accurate, but it certainly has me scratching my head.



46 thoughts on “Trump Surprises Tech Leaders on H-1B (?)

  1. Trump has to cooperate with people, and asking how he can help is a great ice-breaker. It doesn’t mean he will do exactly what they want.

    I suspect his approach will be some sort of compromise, perhaps with benefits for everyone. It’s interesting that Eric Schmidt accurately described government IT, but doesn’t seem to understand the role of easy visa access in contributing to the problems.


  2. I get the idea that Trump’s mind is set by the last thing he heard, at least on issues that he doesn’t have much personal stake in or experience of. Also that he’s a reactive, non-contemplative kind of guy.


  3. Well, that certainly proves Trump and his team did not read My Story (posted on an earlier blog post). Fool that I was to even hope ….

    Clearly, Trump was making nice with the tech titans sending the signal he will do whatever they ask for. He wants this large and influential a group – the super billionaires – to have his back. Perhaps for when his Secretary of Commerce asks they help solve internet hacking or give support to move some law forward.

    Workers, how do you spell S-E-L-L O-U-T.


  4. If true, the chumps are the people who voted for him thinking he had any conviction whatsoever on the H-1b visa.

    You are going to find out very soon what cronyism is all about. It isn’t new, but it is about to come out of the closet.

    Trump’s objective was to win a campaign. And he was willing to say whatever necessary to do that. He hasn’t been sworn in yet, and already the new administration is starting to look like a billionaires club.

    He isn’t confused. He knows exactly what he is doing. The H-1b issue was a tool. And anyone who voted for him and wore those ridiculous red hats are tools.

    It will all be less confusing real soon. Give it six months.


    • Be wary about embracing the meme that Trump voters have been deceived. It’s one of the ways the political establishment tries to justify its incredible errors in this election.

      Trump voters wanted to send a message to the establishment, and they succeeded. Even in other countries, politicians have suddenly discovered that they really care about jobs and people. I expect that new agenda will work its way through discussions and policy, but possibly not in a direct way. That doesn’t mean Trump voters got it wrong.


      • No, I don’t think Trump voters got it wrong. Whatever one thinks of the details of the deal to keep Carrier jobs in the U.S., the fact is that Trump took action to fulfill a campaign promise before he even took office. How many presidents-elect have done anything like this?

        I believe the most likely explanation of Trump’s comment to the tech leaders is, as I’ve said so often, that someone has convinced him of the Intels Good, Infosyses Bad doctrine. I can’t blame him, as many readers of this blog who are critics of H-1B subscribe to that doctrine too. Having said that, though, Trump’s phrasing as quoted is disturbing.

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  5. Every American president and pol is under the control of the elite financial/corporate establishment. Pols do what the money powers tell them to do or else.

    Trump has already been co-opted by the globalist club, just as Bill Gates was. Steve Jobs, Reagan, JFK didn’t go along to get along. Two of them were eliminated, and the third almost was. Call it conspiracy theory, but those events all happened. They are not theory, they are historical fact.

    “Staple a Green Card” is another manipulated by India Inc and the globalists. H-1B and the rest of the program are stealth mass immigration and takeover plans, not “highly skilled”. If “talent” is the issue then why are we importing people from countries which have never invented anything? As Ron Hira said: “We’re training them”.

    Trump is a New York/Wall St wheeler/dealer. He is out of touch with tech and Silicon Valley. He has no ability to discern the truth about what goes on in tech and what tech companies are really doing to American workers. If the CEO of some huge tech company tells him he needs something, he does it. That is how America works. It probably never occurs to most elites or pols that foreign CEOs of American-built companies might not have America’s best interests at heart, or that they might be manipulated.

    What is actually happening is we’re bringing in talentless people, and then having talented Americans TRAIN them to take over the jobs (the Disney RICO case just once again proves this). Once taken over, they claim “Microsoft is an Indian company” or “Indians began migrating in large numbers in the 1960s and built Silicon Valley” when in fact they didn’t start arriving in large numbers until the massive guest worker increases in 1998 and 2001. The PC and internet industries, and the booming American economy was already in place before that. H-1B and other foreign guest worker programs are takeover programs, not “talent” programs. We are being taken over silently.

    USA had a massive tax surplus in 1998 when American workers ran it. 19 years of mass importation of “talent” has left USA with $22 trillion in debt. Talented at robbing us is what they are.

    Non-resident Indian workers in USA export $65 billion a year back to India in the form of remittances via the likes of and Non-resident Mexican workers remit over $75 billion annually in remittances. How many American workers could be employed with over $100 billion being exported annually? And that is just from those 2 countries. In China it is (wisely) illegal to take currency out of the country. A large part of the 2008 “financial collapse” was in fact due to massive amounts of wealth being exported by non-resident workers. The banks had to print massive amounts of $ to make up for mass remittance of capital. Loans that were just fine in 1998 suddenly went subprime when Americans had their middle class jobs yanked out from under them. Many of NRI workers who collapsed Silicon Valley in 2002 (in spite of claims to the contrary that they would help keep the US economy going) moved to lucrative Wall St jobs in 2002 after wiping out companies such as PeopleSoft and Sun Micro. Then suddenly Lehman, Bear Sterns and Fannie Mae collapsed. Think there isn’t a connection? Try this:

    Oh, and Tata was just found guilty of stealing close to $1 billion of US trade secrets:

    20 years ago 100% of Microsoft R&D was done in the USA. Did I mention the USA was booming then? If we keep allowing foreign industrial spies into our companies disgusied as “talent” then soon all of R&D will be done in other countries.

    FOREIGN CEOs such as Nutella, and FOREIGN CEOs such as Adobe’s and Pepsi’s are conducting a systematic 3-fold plan to loot USA:

    1) Replace American workers with foreign workers. This does 3 things: it allows US capital to be remitted back to the foreign workers’ home countries, it makes Americans poor, and it allows the theft and transfer of American industrial know how back to their home countries. In 1998 Chinese Generals told Bill Clinton at the white house: “WE WANT WHAT YOU HAVE!”.

    2) By flooding US companies with foreign workers, over time, entire US industries are shifted overseas. Millions of jobs that were done by Americans are now done by foreigners in other countries. Decades go by, one by one Americans train their foreign replacements, then when those replacements go back to their own countries, they know how to do American jobs. We are not bringing in “talent”, we’re bring in foreign industrial spies and American talent is training them.

    3) Over time, all of this industrial espionage and wealth transference is making our enmies rich and powerful, and is making the USA weak. The end game for these other countries is to eventually take all our land and to put us into slavery. Slavery still exists in many middle eastern countries and in India. That is what these countries are planning. Americans are far too naive about the world and the way it works.

    We are FOOLS for allowing this to happen to our once invincible nation. 50 years of political correctness and “tolerance” have just about destroyed America. Americans will wake up one day and realize it is far to late to do anything about it. We need to keep our OWN people employed. We need to keep our OWN technology in our OWN country instead of “cooperating” with enemies whose end goal is to conquer us.


  6. I agree this is very disturbing, especially because it’s not the first time Trump has seemingly gotten very confused, saying he has no memory of something he talked about repeatedly while campaigning. For months and months he talked about Carrier and promised that he wasn’t going to let them move jobs to Mexico if he was elected, but he recently claimed to have no memory of that:

    Very troubling. Beginning to wonder if Trump has early onset Alzheimer’s or something. He also seems to be very easily influenced by whoever the last person he talked to is. Perhaps it’s time for Sessions to have a chat with him about the H-1B issue. But yes, that someone this easily confused is POTUS is disturbing in ways that go far beyond this one issue.


  7. Norm Matloff,

    Thank you for this information and your thoughts on this matter.

    I agree that, if the ReCode.Net article is correct, Trump’s stance on the H-1B visa is troubling. However, I remain hopeful that, eventually, he will come to understand that the best way to create jobs for Americans is to deport the millions of immigrants (including the millions of visa holders) who depressed American wages and and replaced older American workers. Remember, Trump has stated many, many times that the primary goal of his presidency will be to create jobs FOR AMERICANS. I hope that he remains committed to this goal. We shall see.

    Paul D. Bain


  8. Hello,

    You asked if “…Trump get[s] confused that easily?” when “Trump Surprises Tech Leaders on H-1B (?)”.

    I think Trump’s general “state of mind”, intent, and public actions are clear, but misguided… He constantly and intentionally does not reveal what he privately thinks or why he believes what he thinks as a method to further his strange political agenda and choices.

    I wonder if Trump is more like a P.T. Barnum Carnival Barker who says anything in public to distract and divert public interest about government policies he wants to change. However, Trump’s unethical actions and public lies demean the Office of the US President and while he distains open disclosure and discussion of public policy in our Democracy so he pursue his personal and private goals. . The public mask and persona Trump hides behind apparently is not the face or thoughts he actually sees and believes. How can the US public trust an unethical and misleading person such as Donald Trump with managing or trying changing public policy in the USA?

    Trump’s public persona is merely an act and public show to:

    1.) rally and incite those people emotions who believe in his public façade at the public rallies he creates to give a false sense of personal action,

    2.) feed his Narcissist personality type that craves constant public adoration and approval,

    3.) hide the fact he is an insecure “bully” that finds it easier to criticize others with negative comments than find agreements through discussions or meet in person with his opposition.

    Trump often seems to get confused in his speeches when he says outrageous and unethical things as a way to excite himself and his followers to reaffirm his insecure personality needs.

    Many people consider Trump’s lies, misrepresentations, and hidden agenda/plans to be a “Bargaining Tactic” he repeatedly applies to confuse his opponents and enhance his public image. The public has not yet realized that Trump takes a Machiavellian approach to achieve his short-term goals: the Trump’s ends justify any means he uses to achieve them – even if public statements he makes are misleading falsehoods and his actions violate the US Constitution, Federal Laws, and established precedents within our society. Only time will tell if Trump is really a despot Dictator who regularly violates Federal Laws for his personal and/or professional gain or if he is really a misguided Businessman who is out of his League trying to play politics at a National Level.

    I find it particularly irritating when Trump tries to obtain free publicity for his broad statements by inciting public emotion at political rallies for his public persona, while he tries to shut down thoughtful discussions and open disclosure of how his public statements would impact the USA and its citizens. Trump has not met with US News Media for interviews or a news conference for the past 90 days because he claims the News Media is “biased” for trying to find truth in his public statements and to validate and discuss the impact of Trump’s proposed actions. Trump hides from the News Media as a way to avoid accountability for his personal actions and statements.

    The US News Media is about to force Trump to be more honest and clear with no confusion about his public statements. Trump’s ignoring the US News Media for news conferences and interviews will cause himself additional political problems he cannot control. The US News Media is about to enter into a news “feeding frenzy” after Trump assumes the Presidency to disprove Trump’s ideas and personal background while they thoroughly investigate Trump’s alleged illegal, unethical, and/or immoral conduct and demean Trump on a personal level for his hidden agendas and past actions.

    IMHO, the public face of Trump is headed for a steep fall in public perception, opinion, and confidence. When Trump’s boisterous, overbearing, and “bully” public persona is coupled with his lack of open information disclosure and his misleading speeches to the public, US Citizens and the public will eventually grow tired of this charade with false perceptions and expectations set by Trump and his proposed actions.

    And so it goes…

    Steve Neago


  9. I am watching each of Trump’s thank you tour rallies to see if he gives a hint on this subject i.e. H1-B. He has one rally scheduled in Alabama that is the place of Jeff Sessions. Sessions took part in some of Trump’s earlier election rallies. And this is what leads me to think that Senator Jeff Sessions might talk in that rally and we might get some hints.

    One thing so far I can see to my limited knowledge is, Trump is going on all of his rallies : jobs, jobs, jobs. His voter base is going to be up in pitch forks if we goes back on his H1-b promises but we will have to see what happens. Overall I expect a clamp down on H1-B very much along the lines of Senator Jeff Sessions bill that came out last year (The Ted Cruz – Sessions bill). If the $110k floor is combined with DOL Data for 3rd Level scale salary according to geography, that will solve most of the problems I think.


      • That is true. Bills and more laws will not fix the problem. We need enforcement now. Replacement of American workers must be prosecuted because it is illegal. Without real enforcement – ICE and DOL raids – nothing will change. When the 10,000 tiny Indian bodyshops bring in an H-1B using American laws to bring in foreign workers and then place them at OTHER companies, ICE and DOL should raid the place and the people led away in handcuffs. H-1B was intended for AMERICAN companies, not for FOREIGN companies to use as a mass immigration conduit. Without real enforcement – which means raids, arrest, and deportations, nothing will change. In any other country, this kind of abuse of native laws would be met with immediate arrests. Why does “the most powerful nation on earth” even tolerate this kind of racketeering from our enemies?


      • Hello Norman,
        I came across this very interesting article : Panel: “The First 100 Days – The Anti-Corruption Agenda” ( Mark Krikorian from the Center for Immigration Studies speaks about immigration in that video. Perhaps if possible, it would be great if you could post an article about your comments to their suggested reform agenda especially the immigration part.

        Thank you very much for what you are doing : educating us the masses with hard credible information and (I am assuming you are a Christian) I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.


  10. Yes, he gets confused that easily. That’s because he has minimal knowledge of the issues, spur of the moment opinions (unclear what perspective the opinions are based on) and adjusts his comments to his audience. Makes it difficult to remember prior comments.


  11. Norm,

    “We’ – i.e. those concerned about the effects of the various guest workers programs on US workers – need an audience with the Trump administration. It is only fair since the advocates of thee program have had theirs.

    How can we get a group to have a meeting to present the other side of the issue? You, Ron Hira, John Miano, Donna Conroy, representatives of the recent IT layoffs at Disney, Carnival, …, and other informed advocates like several posters to this forum need the ability to present the other side of the issue.


    • Trump’s aides know where to find us if they have the desire to get informed. But once again, I would NOT emphasize the Infosyses victims. If the Recode quote is correct, then it is entirely consistent with what I’ve been saying about Trump for the last 15 months — he is of the Intels Good, Infosyses Bad school of thought.


      • Even so, prosecuting and bringing the India Incs. to heel would be a very big improvement since the Intels get much of their foreign workers from foreign India Incs.


    • While the list of names recommended is quite good, the “WE” needs to be we, the displaced american programmers, and the programmers that realize that their time is limited if we keep on this path.

      We need a voice in Washington.
      This requires digging in your pockets if you are not willing to do it yourself.

      I am broker than everybody here and apparently I am unemployable, no matter what I do.

      BUT, I can find a way to come up with 100 hundred dollars, 20 dollars or even a 1,000 dollars if given time.

      There are at least 2 million software developers and by my best estimate 27 million Americans displaced by foreign born guest workers

      This is a bunch of money if we quit whining and put up or shut up.

      If you don’t want to send me to Washington dc, then send somebody else.
      But send them.

      This person said it very nicely yesterday

      U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez and officials at his department have worked valiantly to modernize visa program rules, prevent employers from bypassing available U.S. workers and stop retaliation against guestworker whistleblowers, despite being massively underresourced.

      The bad news is that many of these commonsense reforms have been opposed by industry groups like the Chamber of Commerce and their allies in Congress every step of the way. Republican congressional leaders—and even some Democrats—have continued to push to expandguestworker programs. They have shown little regard for enforcing the worker protections that already exist. Trump’s pick for U.S. labor secretary, fast food executive Andy Puzder, has also called for an increase in guestworkers.


      this is the most important part

      Regardless, the U.S. workers that Trump has pledged to protect should be fighting for them as the guestworkers alongside them already are.


    • Someone needs to start YouTube channels and hold our own panels and hearings. Create the panels yourself, video them, and put them on YT. Flood the net yourself. No one else is going to do it.


  12. A. We don’t know if the report is accurate.
    B. There is nothing wrong with Trump asking a person he is meeting for a suggestion. It does not mean that he has to necessarily follow it.
    C. Let’s be realistic. We will not be able to stop H-1B program. As I had written before, we just need to make it much more expensive for the companies. Right now it costs them a couple of thousand dollars for each foreign worker. Make it $100,000 paid toward training an American worker and the problem will be sold.


  13. I am a Republican who earned a very good living as a computer programmer before the H-1B. After not so much. After it twice I trained foreigners to take over my job. I believe my net worth would be much more without the H-1B. Trump is the first Republican presidential candidate I gave money to since Regan. I gave money to some Congressional canadates who were anti H-1B. I worked for a Democrat who ran against David Dreier. He won but she did better against him than anyone else and he toned down his amnesty support after that.

    I supported Trump in spite of the ambiguous statements on both hope and the assessment that it was unlikely he could possibly be worse than Clinton. Clinton has a long history of supporting amnesty, H-1Bs, and outsourcing. While I remain hopeful, many of Trump’s cabinet selections have a long history of supporting amnesty, H-1Bs, and/or outsourcing.

    Bottom line, I could be the biggest chump on this blog, but remain hopeful.


  14. The problem with Trump is the same as the problem with all other politicians and big-shots — he doesn’t have friends, relatives, or neighbors who have tried to get or keep tech jobs, only to be undercut over and over by imported replacements.

    The wealthy and influential tend to live in a “bubble” in regards to tech workers. They assume that because the statistics show that college degrees lead to an AVERAGE higher wage, that a rising tide of education lifts ALL boats, including accomplished STEM people.

    First step to test out Trump would be to ask his support and funding for a “Presidential Mature Innovator Award” — similar to the “Young Innovator Award” and other such age-focused awards programs. Make age and age discrimination an issue, and tie it to the demographics of H1-B.

    Second step would be to tie the issue of gender imbalance in tech, to H1-B. If the tech industries are really so concerned about “lack of women in tech,” then why do they import almost exclusively MALE H1-B’s? I’d like to see the interaction between Trump and the tech titans if/when he brought that up in a conversation.

    H1-B abuse is a paradox — if hiring U.S. women, U.S. minorities, being appealing careers to U.S. students, and keeping U.S. mature talent are where the MOUTHS of the tech titans are, then H1-B is a huge obstacle to progress. Maybe Trump can be made to see the irrationality of trying to have it both ways.


    • Rep. Zoe Lofgren, Queen of H-1B in the House, once admitted that her own neighbor was a victim of the visa program. When Sen. Bob Dole ran for president in 1996, there was a report that his daughter was a victim. But they don’t care.

      I believe that the female proportion among H-1Bs is actually higher than that among the American techies.

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      • But how many are originally university trained in the STEM field in which they are working? There appear to be many short training courses designed to create the IT experience needed for placement by consulting firms.


        • If Staple is enacted, I guarantee you that there will be NO provision that they work in the field in which they were trained. You will see people with biology degrees hired in software development, people with geology degrees hire to work in data analytics and so on. In most cases they will have taken a couple of courses in the field they get hired in, but certainly nothing like a degree.


  15. I remember how IT pay rates rose in the 90s. They rose because IT is a difficult skill that few can truly master. Supply and demand was in play. High pay rates encouraged American young people to study STEM, which would have balanced supply and demand into the 2000s. That wasn’t good enough for the Tech CIOs though.

    Tech’s answer, of course, was to bust the labor market with H-1bs. Now, in 2016, after flooding STEM with 100,000s of H-1bs of dubious skill levels, and depressing pay rates back to 1992 levels (actually wages are lower than that if inflation is considered), Nadella says he wants more H-1bs. That must be the very definition of chutzpah. I wonder how can we hold Trump to his promises to deal with the hated H-1b program harshly.


  16. If it’s of any solace and unless it’s a media-planted story, Stephen Miller was in that meeting, reportedly –

    Stephen is the brain behind Sessions.

    Don’t think anything drastic will happen as far as administration goes. But as I said earlier on this blog, *if* something does happen, it would then have happened right under the nose of Sessions (Miller).

    Too, don’t think Sessions moving to Administration is a good move, especially since the ‘holding-power-on-bills’ is gone. Now staple (or worse) might make it through congress with relative ease, thanks to the cartel. Again, there’s only so much that Grassley can “hold”..


  17. I think he’ll leave that up to Sessions. The sessions-cruz bill sounds good as well. Why do you think they’ll tack on staple a greencard though? I think they’ll remove the per-country quotas instead, which isn’t so bad.


    • The bill (a) bans the OPT work permit for new foreign student graduates and (b) requires H-1Bs to have at least 10 years of experience before coming to the U.S. In other words, for the foreign students, no OPT and no H-1B. But the industry wants the new-grad foreign students. Hence they would insist on Staple, and since Trump has already endorsed Staple, it would be a natural thing to add.


      • The problem with experience is it can be faked. Already the 1000s of small India Incs. operating within the USA steal Americans’ resumes daily. I get at least 50 emails a day from India Incs about IT jobs asking for my resume. The recruiter is always Indian. Never once in 20 years have I ever been hired by a single one of them. And don’t say I’m not qualified since I wrote software @ Apple and Sony just to mention a few. American resumes are stolen, Indians’ names are pasted on them, and they are sent in for and get the job. Fraud, fraud, and more fraud. Americans are being manipulated by India Inc.

        See the Kumar Exclusive channel for confirmation on this:


      • If they staple green card to diploma, that would be the end of the STEM field for american students. There is an enormous amount of people wanting to immigrate to US and this staple would be the easiest way to come to US. The quality of education has already gone down because the universities are using f1 students as cash cows, its good for universities but bad for Americans and bad for the quality of education. when I went to graduate school 12 years ago there were 10 students in the class. the professor know each of us on a one to one basis and followed up with each of us. now, in the same university, there are 40 to 50 students per class, 90% of those are foreign students who are using f1 as a backdoor to come into US. They are not really interested in graduate study, just interested in coming to US. If this is the situation now, imagine the situation when start stapling green cards to diplomas. Already there are a lot of fake universities that have been established where 99% of the students are foreign students. Google “fake university f1 visa” and you will know how big a problem this is.


  18. I’ve heard and I could be all wrong that some half a million Canadian engineers, nurses and other professionals are on TN visas.

    I wonder what lies ahead for them after this whole H-1B debacle is solved with a solution that no one likes.
    Those on TN visas are generally more qualified than the average infosys, TATA, Wipro branded gnome with generally terrible English language skills.


  19. The remedy for the h1b abuse, is to
    1. Make H-1b minimum salary of 110k US$ per year. This should not have any loopholes like saying bonus counts towards the 110k salary. Bonus is not guaranteed by law, so any company for example can give an offer letter saying 110k salary with 50K bonus, but they will not pay bonus. such loopholes should be avaoided and a base pay of 110k should be applied.
    2. H-1b applicants should not be allowed to work as consultants(contractors), they can only work as Full time employees to the company that applied for the h-1b visa, h-1b applicants cannot go and work as contractors at other customers or in any other location other than the company address.
    3. If the h-1b visa is oversubscribed, instead of using a lottery to pick h-1b applications, any company paying higher than the minimum 110k salary should be given the h-1b visa first. Any company paying less than 110k will be automatically disqualified.
    4. the above reforms should also be applied to foreign student F1 Visa EAD, OPT program as well
    5. Revoke the executive action by Obama which granted spouses of h-1b EAD to work in US. This is another sneaky move to import cheap labor. They claim only 85,000 H-1b are issued each year but with Obamas 2015 executive action, the total number of potential foreign workers allowed in through h-1b is 85,000 X 2 = 170,000.

    The above rules should not be a problem since the US corporations claim that they are highly skilled people coming on h-1b. If they are indeed highly skilled the above rules should be enthusiastically embraced by US corporations.


  20. Folks, there is only one way to end the H-1B Program.
    We must tell our stories because our silence enables the H-1B Program

    Click to access OurSilenceEnablesThem.pdf

    Only when the average american realizes that they too could be forced out of the workforce will they mount a campaign of peer pressure and public shaming on those that send jobs to other countries and import non-immigrant guest workers to take our remaining jobs

    If you know of anybody, with or without a severance agreement that muzzles them, ask them to tell their story.


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