Mike Flynn

If I had to bet on it, I would guess that Mike Flynn is toast. Possibly crossing ethical/legal boundaries is one thing, but lying to VP Pence may well turn out to be a much bigger issue.

So I am not here to defend Flynn, but I wonder where the boundaries are for presidential candidates, presidents-elect and their surrogates. Didn’t Obama economic adviser Austan Goolsby tell the Canadian government during the 2008 election campaign not to worry about Obama’s public anti-trade statements? Obama later tried to smooth it over, but it looks like that did happen.

And what about Obama’s visit to Israel, and meeting with Netanyahu, in that same election campaign? What, you think Bibi and Barry just talked about hummus?

Again, the situation with Flynn is probably different for a number of reasons. But the press would have us believe that there is a solid firewall in such situations, and this seems quite misleading.

8 thoughts on “Mike Flynn

  1. That toast is burned. ’bout the exact moment you posted this, he resigned. He seemed like a good national security guy, but not smart enough to know who and when to lie and when to not lie and who to not lie to.


  2. There’s no such firewall. If the MSM reports it I assume it’s fake news, yes things are that bad. But there are reports out that Flynn has resigned. If this is true, I suspect there’s a real story behind it which is quite different from anything we’ve yet heard. The question of course is whether we will ever hear it, or in the cacophonies of fake news if we will recognize it when we do.


  3. I find it amusing that those incensed by email hacking are accepting of recording telephone calls by other than the participants. The result of both act is the same – the unauthorized, unexpected capture of the content of interpersonal communications.

    In the hacking controversy, the issue for the outrage is the act; in the recording, the issue is the content. Pick one or the other, but be consistent.


  4. The MSM is in the bag for the liberals… 92 percent voted for Bill Clinton. Has it always been this way?


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