Horrific Case Highlights Hidden Policy

Too many news items, too little time. For instance, I’d love to explain why the headline, “After a series of flip-flops, Trump prepares to deliver on a key campaign pledge” in the Washington Post is absolutely false on the flip-flops claim and why I am only cautiously optimistic about Trump’s announcement, but I just don’t have the time now. Yet I could not postpone comment on this incident, called to my attention by a reader.

This was a case of domestic violence, actually continuing abuse, by a tech entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. I must warn you that the article, in presenting the incidents in great detail, is quite painful to read. I must also state at the outset what I am NOT saying here:

  • I am NOT extrapolating this case to Indians in general, even Indian immigrants in general, even Indian tech immigrants in general. In spite of the putative sexism in Indian and Chinese cultures, I have not observed anything in the tech field along those lines (relative to U.S. mainstream culture).
  • I am NOT presenting this as a reason for cutting down on the H-1B work visa. Though I haven’t run the numbers, I am pretty sure that claims that the H-1B program exacerbates the gender imbalance in Silicon Valley are false, and that in fact just the opposite is true.

Instead, my point here is on one particular aspect of this news story:

The prosecutor in the case, Assistant District Attorney Steve Fein, described the plea deal to The Daily Beast as a fair outcome, noting that accessory after the fact is also a felony, though not a violent one that would place Gattani at risk of being deported back to his native India. Fein indicated that his boss, Santa Clara District Attorney Jeff Rosen, seeks to avoid such deportations.

In other words, immigrants, especially tech immigrants, have become so exalted in our society that the Santa Clara County DA is loathe to do anything that might result in deportation of a cruel, sadistic man who regularly beat his wife — not just once, but on a shockingly regular basis. This is a man who even struck his wife while she was nursing their baby. But oh no, he’s an immigrant, so we must protect him, according to the DA.

Maybe the Trump administration should put Santa Clara County at the top of its list if it defunds sanctuary cities and counties.

Note, in response to many queries: The woman states that she was born in India but is a U.S. citizen. The man is obviously NOT a citizen; otherwise he would not be deportable. It is likely that (a) she originally got her green card as a minor, through family immigration, and (b) her husband married her to facilitate HIS acquiring a green card.



18 thoughts on “Horrific Case Highlights Hidden Policy

  1. Dattani must be deported and banned from re-entry. This is not American.

    This does raise the vexing issue of – if his wife was a dependent or H4, what will happen to her life and dreams. Just like H1-Bs are indentured to their masters – dependents of H1-B (or any visa inhibiting a dependent adult’s economic and physical independence) are beholden to their masters.


    -International Student


      • Given the liberal use of their native language in the videos, I can safely assume they were naturalized. I may be wrong.

        Perhaps, citizen status came yet the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ remained 😦

        His investors will soon withdraw and hopefully a punishing divorce settlement takes place.

        Thank you

        -International Student


  2. The DA doesn’t want to set a precedent by deporting this man because the DA knows this man is the tip of the iceberg. Immigrants don’t leave their culture behind when they immigrate. If you ask all the Indian H1Bs what caste they come from you will be surprised by the lack of diversity. Do you think they treat their women differently because they live here, they don’t.

    I have both worked for an Indian boss and have supervised Indian employees. They are pleasant hard working people but they, like many other immigrants, leave the American mainstream behind in their own homes. Some of them can’t even leave the old country behind at work.

    BTW, before I get all the expected you are a racist comments for simply stating my observations, I am a Latina.


  3. “Rastogi would tell The Daily Beast that she had met Gattani only a few times before their arranged marriage in 2009.”


    “She began to learn in the first months of their marriage that her husband had trouble controlling his anger,…..”



  4. Let’s not use this incidence as a confirmation that love marriages are superior to arranged marriages. Even though arranged marriages have indeed resulted in crimes being committed against women (like domestic abuse, dowry, … etc.), there are downsides to love marriages as well. One nightmarish scenario could be the women you thought you met by accident and fell in love with, may be an agent who has been assigned by your ‘enemies’ as a means to control how you think & act; to basically destroy you, as you are more strongly emotionally involved in such a relationship. Discovery of such a grotesque betrayal can lead to act of even more horrific crimes. Somebody who has suffered such a betrayal may never be able to trust anyone again, let alone get re-married.A belief in personal love leaves you vulnerable. Also, a whole new system of behavior control (through acceptance & rejection) can be built based upon scientific study of people’s love lives.

    An arranged marriage guarantees companionship & children, which, for many people, is more important in the long run than a fantasy of personal love. Even in America, I’ve seen women who have quickly re-married after divorce from their long-time love.


    • I agree with you. I have seen arranged marriages that were quite successful, and “ideal” love matches that were not. Again, I stated that I did not intend to make a comment on culture; my point was giving special treatment to violent criminal on the grounds of immigration status.


  5. Thanks for bringing this up. As I live in Florida I was not aware of this case. I have written to all teh investors in Cuberon Labs asking they exert pressure to have Gattani step down. Millway Ventures responded with this:


    Thanks for your email. We were appalled and have zero tolerance for this. We have terminated our relationship with him as has the company.

    Here is the stmt we issued today:

    “We were utterly shocked and saddened by the news. We did not know anything about this and categorically do not support founders with this kind of behavior. The company has separated with Abhishek as of today.”



  6. I have also written to at the address below. Although this is only the tip of the iceberg as someone pointed out, we don’t to spend our tax dollars when he eventually murders his wife (or another woman) – he’s a ticking time bomb and eventually his sadism will play our in a gruesome crime.

    As he is not a citizen, i have urged the following folks to deport him.

    Judge Allison Danner
    Assistant District Attorney Steve Fein
    District Attorney Jeff Rosen

    Santa Clara County
    District Attorney’s Office
    70 West Hedding Street, West Wing
    San Jose, CA 95110
    RE: Case B1687324


  7. Chilling story, esp the victim’s statement. So much for a female judge, who couldn’t bother to hear the victim’s statement. Final sentencing will be interesting.


  8. If a white male had done this, the judge would have thrown the book at him and rightly so.

    Just more of the political correctness that is permeating and destroying our society.

    Has anyone contacted the local feminists groups or WEAVE?


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