People in Glass “Houses” Shouldn’t Throw Stones

Sorry for the overly blunt pun in my title, but I must note my amusement at seeing this article reporting that 200 members of both houses of Congress are suing Trump for profiting in his businesses while serving as president. This is the same Congress that was exposed a few years ago as actively engaging in insider trading in stocks based on their information and power gained as legislators? And it’s still happening.

Rank hypocrisy. A pox on both your houses.


12 thoughts on “People in Glass “Houses” Shouldn’t Throw Stones

  1. If I remember correctly, George Washington sold his whiskey to foreign countries, while president.

    Jimmy Carter’s peanuts?


  2. The intent is to destroy Donald Trump no matter the effect on the country. Like it or not, he is the POTUS. We have too many problems needing the attention of those in DC for this childishness.

    The way to make changes is at the ballot box.

    Oh, and I find it amazing that it is not illegal for legislators to profit from insider information they gain while serving as the elected representatives of the people.


    • I agree that this is a laughable, hypocritical fabrication. As I recall, “60 Minutes” exposed this Congressional profiteering on insider information and the public was so outraged, that Congress took immediate action to make it illegal effective about a year later; but before that could go into effect, Congress decided to change the law so as only to keep its members — but not their poor staffers, who needed the extra income for their families — from profiting from insider information. Correct me if I’m mistaken, but I believe that is still the existing law.


  3. It’s ok to use the system to make a profit for yourself – as long as you don’t represent the people. If you’re a president who wants to create good jobs for people, then it’s not ok. After all, as Greenspan said, can’t have those peasants making too much.


  4. The blather about “emoluments” is utterly ridiculous, of course. Trump is hardly getting direct payments of large cash from foreign governments (or agents thereof) when some French diplomat overnights at a Trump facility.

    I was a NeverTrumper during the primaries and remain skeptical of this President. But the “RUSSIANS!!! RUSSIANS!!!” and “EMOLUMENTS” and “SEX IN MOSCOW HOOKERS PEEING” stuff….really?


  5. Am I living in an alternate universe here? The point to elected officials not having financial interests is so they won’t make decisions for their own profit and at the expense of the American people. Based on Trump’s behavior, what he and his kids have said, and the myriad Russian connections in his cabinet, he must have some major financial involvement with the Russians, as in he owes them big money. He’s obviously incapable of making an objective decision about Russia.

    You’re bringing up Jimmy Carter? The poor guy was forced to sell his peanut farm…what’s Trump sold?

    If Trump acted like an adult working for the American people, instead of like a narcissistic, bullying, ignorant, adolescent fool, he might be able to get something accomplished. And he wouldn’t be a target. Instead we’ve got a guy who’s all over the map and potentially doing a lot of harm, both nationally and internationally. And yes, Cathy, it s illegal to benefit from elected office. It’s the emoluments clause. But it has to be enforced, a problem for a GOP Congress.

    As for Norm’s point about Congress…definitely hypocrisy. It just goes to illustrate how corrupted the national government has become by financial interests. And of course we have another example, closer to home, in the power of lobbyists to get bills written and passed that favor large corporations over US workers when it comes to foreign labor, e.g., H1-B et al. But sorry Norm, it’s getting tougher to find any of it amusing. Trump was going to drain the swamp, but didn’t mention that he’d turn it into a cesspool. The GOP is going to take healthcare from 20 million + people and give the 1% tax breaks. That’s real hypocrisy. Hard to see the humor unless you’re Shkreli.


    • It is not just this Congress that is a problem. I expect it has been a problem for many, many years but it was not until the access to alternative media and citizen investigative reporters through the internet that the public has become knowledgeable about the questionable, self-serving activities of the political class.

      I have finally come to understand my father’s fears in the 60s and 70s – and the bomb shelter in our basement. He had been a flight surgeon at a SAC base; he knew what might be.

      We need to give President Trump support to make changes in DC even if we do not agree with all of his positions. I am less worried about possible election influence than demonstrated sale of uranium to Russia of H. Clinton, the transfer to technology to China of B.Clinton, the globalist policies of G.Bush, and the deliberate destruction of the middle class through the immigration policies of B.Obama.

      Actually, I hope we do cooperate with Russia. The Russians do not have a death wish; I’d love to return to the days of MAD. Unless they and other countries with rational leadership (leave Germany out of this list) get on the same page and stop the senseless violence and migration, the world is doomed. It is not a question of “if” but of “when”.

      As for healthcare, Rob, something has to be done. Not only can we not pay for insurance, we cannot pay the bills. The cost of drugs is insane; without insurance (which does not cover the drugs of choice) the three of us are looking at prescription costs approaching $8000 (yes 3 “0”s) per month.


    • Jimmy Carter never gave up the peanut farm, he put it in a blind trust. Just like Trump did with his interests. I read somewhere that there are special provisions in the tax code for peanut farmers in Georgia. I wonder how that happened. As for benefiting while in office, Nancy Pelosi is worth $100M+, all while working a govt job.


  6. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Should a convicted felon not intervene in stopping a crime in progress.

    This hypocrisy is what encourages both sides to keep tabs on each other, it only leads to a better government.

    I disagree with this article, it seems to come off as MAGA propaganda than an astute observation.

    – International Student


  7. I am disgusted to see elective representatives defined by their ethnic background. The were elected to represent all Americans and not just those sharing their heritage. Their first obligation is to the American people and not to the country of their ancestors or limited to those sharing a heritage.

    If their reason for running is to promote the agenda of another country or ethnic group over the needs and desired of American citizens as a whole, they need to find another way to serve. I care about how our policies affect the coal miners in Appalachia, the farmers of the Midwest, the Native Americans on reservations, the homeless on the streets of Everytown, USA, and other Americans in distress. The considerations of how US policies affect the citizens of other countries takes a backseat to how they help Americans. I would never advocate a policy to cause harm to the people of another country, but to promote a policy to help foreign nationals at the expense of Americans in unconscionable.

    Many countries who are being heavily promoted by nationalistic lobbying groups have many more resources and history than the US. Many of the worst run countries have natural resources and human capital far exceeding those of the US and other northern countries. Many are failing because of their poor choices of leaders and their unrestrained population growth. Those issues are not the problem of the US government or people.

    It is essential that those coming to be educated in the US return to their home country and help there rather than fleeing to the US where they can benefit no one but themselves.


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