An Unwarranted Attack

I was startled this morning to read in my Google Alerts newsfeed of a vicious and unwarranted attack in on Prof. Ron Hira of Howard University. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time for writing blog posts lately, but really, that article demands comment.

Ron is one of the top researchers on the H-1B work visa and offshoring of IT work. As noted in the article, he is frequently cited by the press, and has been called to testify before Congress on a number of occasions. But the author of the article seems to think that Ron’s work is tainted by presumed funding by a couple of organizations the author considers suspect — meaning, anti-immigration.

Regular readers of this blog know that I have strongly negative opinions of “hired guns,” academics who accept funding from entities that have a vested interest in an issue. But the entities cited by, the engineering society IEEE-USA and Democratic Party/labor aligned Economic Policy Institute, don’t fit the author’s anti-immigration description.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I consider IEEE-USA useless, indeed counterproductive, in addressing the problems of H-1B. They falsely portray the issue as one of “Intels Good, Infosyses Bad” and support proposals to grant automatic green cards to international students earning STEM degrees at U.S. schools. Such proposals would greatly harm U.S. citizens and permanent residents in STEM, but the point is that IEEE-USA’s policies are strongly PRO-immigration. To attack Ron as “anti-immigration” for for having been associated with the organization (which quickly distanced itself from Ron in response to is absurd.

The article describes EPI as being backed by George Soros. If true, this is an odd fact to cite in claiming EPI and Ron are “anti-immigration.” To my knowledge, Soros is strongly PRO-immigration, and my impression of EPI is that they are basically on the pro- side as well, if not as unquestioning as Soros. A few years ago, EPI kindly invited me to write a research paper for them (unpaid, I must add, as with all of my research papers). This turned out to be the most stringently-reviewed paper I’ve ever published, lots of skepticism among the EPI reviewers, who also took the “Intels Good, Infosyses Bad” stance.

Finally, that anonymous writer calls Ron a hypocrite for taking “anti-immigration” stances in spite of his parents and in-laws being immigrants. This is a common argument by the immigration lobby, but it makes no sense. We all have immigrant background, whether it be one generation back or ten (or hundreds in the case of the Native Americans). Where does one draw the line? Do I, as the son of an immigrant, not have “standing” to criticize the H-1B program while my daughter, two generations removed from my dad, would be free to question immigration policy? Oh wait, her mom is an immigrant, so scratch that, though if she has children, they can voice an opinion, right?

Seems impossible to have a rational, calm discussion on immigration these days.


14 thoughts on “An Unwarranted Attack

  1. It was good to draw attention to the Red State piece. I haven’t read anything this half-baked, weird on this topic in a long-time. The anonymous author’s wording — “who’s opposition to our guest worker programs” — seems to think that the H-1B program is his warm fuzzy.

    This isn’t an attack on Ron. He’s being used as a vehicle to attack the Daily Caller and Breitbart for their rifling of the H-1B program. The George Soros reference is thrown in for fun. That’s the interesting aspect of it. Where is that coming from?


  2. Dialogue is near impossible, especially if one is on a college campus, or is a white male. Colleges actually support illegal immigrants with legal resources, financial aid, sanctuary status, etc.

    The President and Liberals appear at a logjam as Trump has backtracked to his original legal enforcement stance. DACA is a hornets nest, and the recent mass killing in New York by a man holding a “divetsity lottery” admission adds to the complexity.

    There appear in some circles to be an anti white, anti European sentiment. Some recent posters at UC Davis stating “It’s ok to be white” were met with official condemnation from the Chancellor. When I was a student, something like that would be ignored!


    • The posters really should have been ignored. Just one solitary person can cause a ruckus like this and then see his handiwork on TV; he shouldn’t have been given that chance.


  3. “To attack Ron as “anti-immigration” for for having been associated with {IEEE-USA} (which quickly distanced itself from Ron in response to is absurd.”

    Maybe this was the whole point. OK, yea, I admit that I have a tendency to see subtle conspiracies around every corner, but this is a standard old McCarthy-type tactic… Rail against some specific party, person, or entity, note his associations and/or affiliations, and thus get those other entities to publically go on record as being against whatever the original party was in favor of.

    Back in the McCarthy, the way this game was played at the time, someone would have denounced Hira as a “communist”, noted his association with IEEE-USA, and thus gotten IEEE-USA to come out with some public statement strongly denouncing “The Red Menace”.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    These days, the far-right has manufactured, out of whole cloth, two brand new boogie men, i.e. Soros and Antifa. But other than that, its the same old game, and we’ve seen this movie before.


  4. It is impossible to have rational discussions on most topics these days.

    The hatred of the current POTUS and the actions being taken to remove him from the position to which he was elected is damaging to the country and its citizens and legal residents.

    I fear what is going to happen internationally while those in DC are distracted and working on their personal agendas to get reelected rather than attending to the actions that affect the people at home and abroad..


  5. Soros is not just pro-immigration; he is anti-borders. He calls it the “Open Society”. He seems to think that there are no benefits to keeping the power of the elites compartmentalized; he’d rather see all the world’s know-it-alls able to pool their resources to stamp out any alternative thinkers.


  6. anonymous is nothing more than a ankle biter.
    By ankle biter, I’m talking about the little dog that will yap at your heels, but run like hell if you face them.

    If we want to question anything at all, why do we not demand that they release who the anonymous ankle biter is?

    As for anti-immigration, I demand the same time that they are giving Mr. Hira.
    After all, when you divide the total nonfarm payroll numbers by the population, you quickly see why we need to end free trade agreements and the massive tidal wave of NON-IMMIGRANT guest workers, don’t you?


  7. Sorry Norm,
    Now that we are winning, we intend to show the pro-H1B people just as much mercy as they showed us.


    If I can put some of these people in jail, I will not hesitate.


    • Why do you think we are winning?

      H.R. 170 will be marked up tomorrow. Among other things, the 15% threshhold for declaring an employer H-1B-dependent would rise to 20% under this bill.


      • Why do I think we are winning? The fact that the other side no longer talks about expanding the H1-B visa program is one place to start. The fact that the mainstream media is (reluctantly) starting to run stories about Americans who lost their jobs because of H1-B, L-1, or whatever other flavor of alphabet soup is currently fashionable is another sign.

        Yeah, we are winning. The situation is kind of like what I described it as in 2002: World War I. Everybody expected WWI to last a few months. Nobody expected it to last until 1919 (or, arguably, 1945). Nobody expected that the H1-B unpleasantness would last until 2017, much less 2030.

        I am preparing for a long fight. Can’t speak for the other team.

        You have criticized “hired guns,” meaning academics who accept bribes in order to publish political hit pieces. As far as I am concerned, these people have committed academic fraud, and have disqualified themselves for any tenure-track position.

        How about we mobilize the famous army of trolls to send lots of letters to various Tenure Committees, recommending that certain people are not worthy of a tenured position. I can think of certain individuals who deserve this treatment. Can you?

        Do you suppose that the Committee will listen to such comments?
        Well, It’s really the thought that counts. . .


      • Reading the actual bill, it looks like “exempt” is being redefined, and not in a good way.
        “Exempt” was H1Bs for research, education, government and medical.
        And this bill redefines “exempt” as any/all jobs paying over $100K.
        It basically reconfigures who scrambles for the two capped categories.

        “Special skills” should be green card. And “temporary” should be short term. Reconfiguring a lie doesn’t make it a truth (not special skills and not temporary).


  8. C’mon Norm – you’re startled? I’m surprised that they haven’t already painted you as a closet Neo-Nazi or airbrushed you’re picture into an Klan meeting.

    Not trying to being facetious but these people have a rabid devotion to diversity and being anti-European at all costs. Their antics and beliefs are approaching the point of obsession.

    Until a large number of white liberals lose their jobs, this nonsense will continue.


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