Who Is a Racist, Part II

In my post earlier today, I wrote,

I have a Chinese-American friend..in devoted public service, mostly in nonprofit community organizations, all his life. Let’s call him Jim. He is quite liberal, proud to call himself a progressive…

One day about 10 years ago I was interviewing Jim for an op-ed I was writing on immigration. At one point he said, “We [the U.S.] could take a lot more Chinese immigrants” — as opposed to immigrants that we could not afford more of, from,uh, well who did he mean if not Mexico?…

So, is Jim, the heartfelt, self-sacrificing, tireless advocate of ALL people of color, a racist?

Well, this has an interesting connection to an article in today’s Washington Post (noted by Rich Lowry), which reports (emphasis added),

[Trump] also objected that Democratic proposals to adjust the visa lottery and federal policy for immigrants with temporary protected status were going to drive more people from countries he deemed undesirable into the United States instead of attracting immigrants from places like Norway and Asia, people familiar with the meeting said.

Haven’t the press and the Democratic politicians been haranguing us the last few days about Trump’s having chosen a very white-populated country like Norway to compare to Haiti and Africa? If the Post‘s account is to be believed, all that rhetoric was misleading and highly irresponsible.

I’ve been actively fighting racism ever since I was a teenager. But Jim is not a racist, and in spite of numerous “examples” offered by the press and the Democrats during the last 18 months “proving” that Trump is a racist, I see no evidence of that, and resent the press trying to indoctrinate the populace. As I wrote in June 2016,

I’m beginning to think that all that strife within and between parties is creating something of a vacuum into which the press is inserting itself in rather insidious ways. Take the current controversy regarding Trump and Judge Curiel. Putting aside the point that Trump ought to have enough sense to know that one doesn’t publicly criticize a judge under whom one has a case pending, why is the press making such a big deal over Trump’s suggestion that Curiel, a Latino, may be biased against Trump due to the latter’s remarks about illegal immigration from Mexico? Isn’t this the same press that has been constantly telling us that Latinos won’t vote for Trump, exactly for that reason? Which is it? The press can’t have it both ways.

Make no mistake, Trump is an impetuous, loud-mouthed loose cannon. I’ve said so here on numerous occasions. But fair is fair, and the gridlock in DC is worse than ever. Doesn’t anyone care?

3 thoughts on “Who Is a Racist, Part II

  1. I voted for Trump and love his in your face style. I have been fed up with the unending illegal immigration for decades now. The sense of entitlement these people have is sickening. I’m not sick of any one group in particular, I’ve had it with all of them. If that makes me a racist, fine. Just keep in mind that it takes a really broken system to make a Latina with a Computer Science degree, from a multi-racial family, a racist.


  2. > Make no mistake, Trump is an impetuous, loud-mouthed loose cannon. I’ve said so here on numerous occasions. But fair is fair, and the gridlock in DC is worse than ever. Doesn’t anyone care?

    Agreed. I thought that his recently reported use of an s-word was very unfortunate but I likewise was not comfortable with summing it up as “racism”. It seems to me that racism is not a simple black and white issue (no pun intended) but is often much more subtle. As your mention that about 2/3 of the students in your CS classes are typically Asian-American shows, there do seem to be some cultural differences ON AVERAGE between different groups of people. It’s not racist to recognize these average differences as long as one does not jump to conclusions and stereotype individuals based on them. I think that working and living with people from different races and cultures does help people to avoid this stereotyping. One sees first-hand that there’s much more similarity than differences between these groups. Lacking this first-hand experience, it likely helps to be intellectually curious and open-minded about other cultures.

    If what I hear is correct, Trump may be lacking in both of these areas. Hence, it may be more the case that Trump is predisposed to stereotyping and lazy thinking that he is toward racism, per se. At the very least, I would not be surprised if Trump does not consider himself a racist. It may be that he just tends to stereotype people and facts based on all characteristics, race included.

    In any case, I think that the number of immigrants that should be allowed from each country is a difficult issue. In general, I would favor treating all countries equally but have some possible emphasis on skills and on refugees. Still, I think that we have to resist labelling everyone we disagree with on immigration issues as a racist. On that topic, following are the last two paragraphs from an editorial by professor of economics George Borjas at https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/27/opinion/the-immigration-debate-we-need.html :

    > Many of my colleagues in the academic community — and many of the elite opinion-makers in the news media — recoil when they hear that immigration should serve the interests of Americans. Their reaction is to label such thinking as racist and xenophobic, and to marginalize anyone who agrees.

    > But those accusations of racism reflect their effort to avoid a serious discussion of the trade-offs. The coming debate would be far more honest and politically transparent if we demanded a simple answer from those who disagree with “America First” proposals: Who are you rooting for?


  3. I agree. More specifically, I think alleged racism, at least in America and Western Europe, is vastly overstated. It often is like asking, “So when did you stop beating your wife?”

    Thank you for the flushed out comment!

    Trump can be loud, thin skinned, brash, but he also has the economy screaming! And black unemployment at a record low. And last month I read for the first time that Presudent Trump had a black girlfriend for 2 years! (Yes, a model.)

    Also read this AM he has suggested halting the J Visa and instead tailoring the program to aid African Americans.


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