Fact-Checking the Fact Checkers

Now that the presidential election campaigns are shifting into high gear, we can count on the press for partisan, inaccurate and illogical coverage. Time for someone to start calling them out, and I’ll do my part here in this blog in the next couple of months.

To be clear, I’m voting for no one for the office of President this year. (I voted for Sanders as a write-in in 2016,) I find Biden uninspiring, and I view Harris as an opportunistic phony. Though I appreciate Trump’s standing up to Xi Jinping, he’s proven to be just as self-centered, impetuous and immature as I predicted him to be four years ago, and as a progressive it’s unlike the GOP would come up with anyone I’d like very much.

I put in this disclaimer because my calling out the press will often concern something they’ve said that’s biased against Trump. But that’s because this is indeed where their bias typically exists. If I see incorrect or illogical statements made about Biden, I’ll call them out too.

So now NPR “fact checkers” say that the Trump/Pence claim that Biden called for defunding the police is incorrect. Biden just said that funds could be “redirected” from the police, they say. But that’s exactly what is meant by proponents of defunding the police; very few mean that to be shutting down the police, removing their funding entirely.

I tune in to NPR when I’m driving, and today I listened to part of their coverage of the GOP convention. One commentator addressed the topic of insurance coverage for those with pre-existing conditions. The reporter noted that Trump has promised an executive order to require that, which she said “contradicts” the Trump administration’s lawsuit against Obamacare, which already has such a requirement. That’s just plain illogical. If Trump believes people with pre-existing conditions should be protected, which he has said, then it would be perfectly consistent for the Trump people to formulate an executive order to implement such protection, in place of the Obama policy they want to discontinue. (Note: I personally support Obamacare; see above disclaimer.)

In its convention coverage this evening, NPR also stated that comments by Trump and one of the speakers promising to “protect the suburbs” are anti-African American “dog whistles,” preying on suburbanites’ fears of the riots in Portland and other big cities. But the rioters are almost all white. The NPR reporter also said that the Trump campaign has miscalculated, as the suburbs now have many non-whites. This makes the absurd assumption that a nonwhite suburbanite doesn’t mind rioters as long as they are of the same color as him/her.


3 thoughts on “Fact-Checking the Fact Checkers

  1. It’s really easy, if it comes from the MSM it’s an absurd lie.
    Norm, I don’t think you want to bill yourself as a fact-checker, the very title is an arrogant and sanctimonious claim, especially in today’s environments. The very worst offenders make the biggest fuss about fakes.
    If you see a statement you want to discuss, fine, but really, the MSM is beneath contempt these days, and even refuting it is rolling in the mud with pigs.

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    • You’re right, of course, esp. re “rolling in the mud with pigs.” But “Fact Checking the Fact Checkers” has a better ring to it than, say, “Exposing the Fact Checkers.”


  2. My complaint is the assertion that there is little or no voter fraud. I know it does because it happened to us. For at least 15 years after we purchased our house, the former owner continued to vote using our address. I complained to everyone I could think of and even offered to show a copy of the deed. It was certainly correctly listed to us with the county assessor. As long as she continued to vote in at least one election every four years, they would not delete her from the voter rolls. No wonder there are so many dead people still voting.

    That was not all; she failed to file her income taxes, and we received IRS notices for her.

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