Anti-Asian Violence and the Model Minority

As someone with longtime, deep connections to the Asian American community, I am profoundly disturbed by the recent spate of anti-Asian violence. As a longtime activist in improving conditions for African Americans, it is very troubling to me that the perpetrators of anti-Asian violence are disproportionately Black. And as a longtime admirer of the intense Asian American dedication to educational and career success, it is quite disturbing that there seems to be a connection of this success to the violence.

Even more frustrating is that the “woke” Asian American activists, largely made up of Asian American Studies professors whose creed is Critical Race Theory, are exhibiting willful ignorance of the Black aspect of the problem. We can’t solve the problem without understanding its nature.

Many Asians are getting hurt, physically, viciously. But the Asian “woke” insist that the problem can be solved by “education” and “restorative justice,” rather than increased policing. The sad, tragic truth is that these Asian activists care much more about their ideology than about the Asian victims.

The Reality

  • The “woke” Asian activists’ denial of the Model Minority concept is political and ideological, not real.
  • The children of even impoverished, blue collar Asian immigrants tend to excel in school. The strong cultural component of their success is undeniable.
  • Sadly, a disproportionate number of anti-Asian hate crimes are committed by Black Americans.

Here are the details:

The “Woke” and the Model Minority

There is nothing the “woke” Asian-Americans hate more than the Model Minority (MM) portrayal of Asians in the US. MM is viewed as presenting Asians as the minority with the “good” culture, implying that the cultures of African-Americans and Americans of Latino descent are less good. To be sure, labeling various minority groups as “better” and “lesser” is highly offensive and counterproductive, and should be unacceptable to all of us. But it especially rankles the “woke” Asian activists, as it runs counter to their simplistic image of the plight of the Black and Latino underclass as being due wholly to white supremacy and systemic racism.

It also sets up conservatives with an equally simplistic view that MM shows social programs to help the underclass are not needed. Take real estate, for instance. Even in the liberal Bay Area, racially restrictive housing policies remained at least through the 1950s, causing many African Americans to miss great real estate booms, and making it difficult for their descendants to now get into the market. Yet many Asian immigrants, arriving in the US with very little, somehow manage to buy houses. Ergo, the conservatives say, racial problems are minimal and poverty is not a problem for government to address.

So the Asian activists deny the reality of MM. “We’re not ‘Honorary Whites,'” they say to Blacks. “We’re victims, just like you.” One of the woke, Dao-Yi Chow, put it this way:

Chow says the model minority myth—based on the stereotype that Asian Americans are hard working, law-abiding individuals and the false perception that such qualities have led to their success over other racial groups—has played a significant role in creating a wedge between Asian Americans and other BIPOC communities. “We were painted as an example, a ‘good minority.’ And then there were examples of ‘bad minorities,’ and that was perpetuated, which created even more divide,” Chow says.

Apparently, many African Americans don’t see it that way. There is emerging evidence that the MM notion is breeding Black resentment against Asians, contributing to the tragic wave of anti-Asian violence we are now seeing.


Black-on-Asian Violence

Dept. of Justice figures cited by journalist Andrew Sullivan indicate that the assailants in Asian incidents are disproportionately Black nationwide, committed at a much higher rate than the Black share of the US population:

…24 percent such attacks are committed by whites; 24 percent are committed by fellow Asians; 7 percent by Hispanics; and 27.5 percent by African-Americans…[even though Blacks comprise only] 13 percent of the population…”

His own analysis of NYPD data found:

They record 20 [hate crime] arrests in 2020. Of those 20 offenders, 11 were African-American, two Black-Hispanic, two white, and five white Hispanics.

So, Blacks comprised 55% of these arrests, even though they are only 24.3% of the population of New York.

A Newsweek op-ed claims most anti-Asian hate crimes are not perpetrated by Blacks. In terms of raw numbers, it may be true, but again, viewed in terms of population percentages — there are 4 times as many whites as Blacks in the US — the problem, sadly, is disproportionately Black, as seen in the DOJ data above.

A report on anti-Asian hate crimes in Los Angeles County found that in 2020,

In cases in which a suspect was identified, 42% were white, followed by Latino/as (36%) and African Americans (19%)…The previous year the largest number of suspects in anti-Asian crimes were Latino/as (42%), followed by whites (32%) and blacks (26%).

This is significant because nationally there has been speculation that African Americans were most frequently suspects in anti-Asian crimes.

This again misses the point: The issue is not whether majority of anti-Asian hate crimes are Black, but rather that they are disproportionately Black. The LA County population is 9% Black . The report data cited above show Blacks are alarmingly overrepresented in anti-Asian hate crimes: Blacks comprise 9% of the population but commit 19% of the anti-Asian hate crimes. There is a Black problem.

The Newsweek piece’s cited research paper (which did restrict its analysis to violent crimes) state that anti-Asian hate crimes are different from other hate crimes in that the offenders are more likely to be non-white. They add, “This finding may be attributed to animosity toward the ‘model minority’ from other minority groups.” I’ll return to this point below.

Bias in Reports by “Woke” Researchers/Activists

The activists use a broad definition going far beyond violence, including taunts and even employment discrimination, hurtful but less relevant to my focus here on violence. After one badly flawed and biased “woke” study emerged from a University of Michigan researcher, I attempted to engage with the author, stating that academic rigor and completeness must prevail over ideology. I pointed out that the incidents analyzed by the study were mainly nonviolent; the study’s own summary noted that it involved “1023 incidents…679 incidents of anti-Asian harassment and vandalism and 344 incidents of stigmatizing and discriminatory statements, images, policies, and proposals.” Only a small number were violent, and in many of those the race of the perpetrator was unknown.

I also pointed out how selective the study was, in not including evidence contrary to its theme of white anti-Asian hate. The author agreed — but refused to update her report.

Black and Latino “Leaders”

Of course only a small number of African-Americans are committing these crimes, and it would be easy to dismiss this as the actions of a few thugs. But equally concerning are comments and actions by Black and Latino leaders. Black San Francisco School Board member Alison Collins has made a number of anti-Asian tweets. She resents Asians for believing “that Model Minority BS,” and accused Asians of “using white supremacy thinking…to get ahead,” referring to Asians as “house n*****s.”

Though the board distanced itself from Collins, many Asians view various actions of the board, notably changing admission to the academically-selective Lowell High School to a random lottery, as anti-Asian. (Disclosure: I myself have proposed a partial lottery system for Lowell. My point here is the apparent motivation on the part of the Board, not whether the policy is worthy or not.)

California State Legislator Cristina Garcia also has problems with Asians. Frustrated with widespread Chinese opposition to Affirmative Action (with an implicit connection to MM), she talked of feeling “like I want to punch the next Asian” she encountered.

Indeed, Collins’ view of Asians “using white supremacy thinking…to get ahead” is common among the “woke.” They’ve even coined a term for it, white adjacency. Here again is activist Dai-Yi Chow, joined by an activist journalist, Lisa Ling:

[Chow] says that among the earlier generation of Asian Americans who immigrated to the U.S., many assimilated to white adjacency in hopes that it would be the quickest path to safety and stability in the country.

The March 21 Instagram Live discussion between Woodall and Ling directly addressed the subject. “White supremacy always tries to convince those who are non-white that they must either assimilate, or somehow come to terms with the standard of whiteness,” Woodall says. He notes that in referring to “white,” he is discussing a mindset and not a color. “And if we don’t have access to that mindset—and quite honestly, I don’t want access to it—the question then becomes, how do we dissolve a society that is predicated upon that mindset in being in control.”

The egregiousness of this distortion is breathtaking. The “woke” are saying that Asian immigrants to the US, by engaging in the same diligence in school and work they are famous for in Asia, are merely pathetic losers who want to “act white.”

Again, Collins and Chow and not alone. Here is a report on the New York City Dept. of Education:

A city DOE-sponsored panel designed to combat racism told parents that Asian American students “benefit from white supremacy” and “proximity to white privilege,” an outraged mom told The Post… The panel was helmed by the Center for Racial Justice in Education, a group being paid about $400,000 by the DOE, led by Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza…Two CRJE presenters at the February meeting — outlined a racial-advantage hierarchy…The presenters told the room that Asians were on the upper rungs, enough in “proximity to white privilege” to “benefit from white supremacy,” Flinn recalled.

The Model Minority Notion IS Real

Yes, to a great extent, the Model Minority notion is real, at least for East and South Asians. The Asian community activists dismiss Asian-American educational successes as due to immigration policy, formulated initially in 1965 and then in more depth in 1990, that favors educated professionals. In other words, the activists deny that the fundamental issue is one of Asian culture; it’s simply due to socioeconomic class, they say. But it IS indeed culture; the fact is that, due to a cultural reverence for education, even kids of low-income Asian families tend to do very well in school.

While it’s true that many highly educated Asians immigrate to the US via employer sponsorship in the tech industry, there are many others who come here through immigration law on family ties. These tend to be of low levels of education. In New York City, for instance, they work as, say, dishwashers or hotel maids and just barely scrape by financially. Yet their children tend to shine academically.

At New York’s elite Stuyvesant High School, Asians make up 74% of the student body, a figure that dwarfs their share of the population. And Asians represent over 90% of students who qualify for free or subsidized lunch; these are not children of PhDs, as implicitly claimed by the Asian activists. A study by the Center for New York City Affairs found that Asians kids are getting top math scores relative to other groups, across ALL income levels. Asians at the lowest incomes score at or above high-income Whites.

The “woke” activists also offer the explanation that Asian immigrants, by virtue of having the gumption to uproot themselves and move to the US, are not representative of Asian culture.This argument has been made by anti-racism author Ibram X. Kendi. But of course this argument fails, as the diligence of school kids in Asia is well known. In international test scores such as PISA, China is on top, closely followed by Korea. These tests are imperfect measures, but the extraordinary diligence of these children is clear; it is NOT just a trait of the immigrants to the US.

 Indeed, if the “gumption argument” were valid, why are the kids of Latino immigrants doing poorly? The Latinos have just as much gumption as the Asians.

A Personal Example

Small world. It so happens that one of the most prominent pioneers of the Asian American Studies discipline, revered by the “woke” activists, is the late Don Nakanishi, my childhood friend. Don’s family lived next door to mine in the City Terrace neighborhood of East LA. He certainly did not come from the highly-educated socioeconomic class. His father worked in the LA morning produce markets, and his mom was a seamstress. He attended Roosevelt High School, predominantly working-class Latino. Yet Don took the classical Asian American upward mobility path. He was a star student academically in high school, was captain of the football team, and even was elected “Boy Mayor of LA.” He went on to Yale for his Bachelor’s degree and then Harvard for his PhD, followed by an outstanding career on the UCLA faculty.

In Don’s memory, UCLA bestows the Don Nakanishi Award, “for Outstanding Engaged Scholarship in Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies,” a highly prestigious honor in the Asian American Studies field. It is thus ironic that the Asian American activists, who regard Don as a giant in the field, are denying the success of Don and hundreds of thousands like him, people that through the Asian cultural value on education have gone from humble beginnings to great success in various professions. (Don’s brother Mike became a dentist.)



Denying the reality of MM will not solve the problems. On the contrary, Asians should be praised for MM, and we should look into possible ways that other groups, even Whites, might learn from them.

What then can and should be done? Start at the top, with people like Collins and Garcia, and the attitudes of the SF board as a whole. Incredibly, Garcia received just a “talking to” by Assembly Speaker Rendon.

The “woke” solution, education, is long on meeting the activists’ ideological goals but short on actual effectiveness. Simply talking about, say, the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 is not going to sway those who engage in violence, let alone people like Collins and Garcia. But statements by prominent Blacks would help. NBA star Steph Curry has spoken out in support of Asians; we need more Black athletes to do so. And though anathema to the “woke,” who call for “restorative justice rather than criminalization,” there is an urgent need for more police officers in Asian neighborhoods.

On the other hand, Collins was correct in saying many Asians look down on Black people. The Asians need to understand the deep effects that a history of slavery, Jim Crow and so on have on today’s Black underclass. It’s not so simple as “You should do as we Asians do.”

Finally, please don’t politicize the issue. Let’s put politics and ideology aside and protect the Chinese grandmas, OK?

(As always, views here are my own, not those of the University of California, Davis. I have added some material after the original posting.)


64 thoughts on “Anti-Asian Violence and the Model Minority

  1. I wonder if the lax law enforcement and opening the prisons have made this situation worse than it already was?

    This isn’t something new. I remember in high school (1980s), some of the new Vietnamese students were beaten mercilessly and the teachers turned a blind eye. The teachers seemed afraid of the bullies too. I also witnessed similar assaults at malls in the South Bay. Maybe now, it’s just getting worse because the police are afraid to do their jobs and DA’s don’t want the activists calling them racists for putting dangerous thugs in prison?

    I doubt the Asian community will take this much longer and politicians who pander to the extremists groups might find themselves looking for work. Or at least I hope that is what happens. Enough is enough.


    • Yes, not new at all, as that 2010 SFPD study shows, and of course, it wasn’t new then either. But it seems to have escalated sharply in the last couple of months.


      • “seems to have”
        Geesh, yes, it is tough to tell. Is it media coverage that’s new, or are the attacks wilder now (elders being tackled).


      • Well, I was afraid that would be your response. A direct response would be 50,000 words. Here’s an oblique reply. The most impressive essay I’ve seen in the last couple of years is this:
        (hope the link still works, it’s one of those limited access deals so I don’t want to test it)

        The theme is “narrative exhaustion”. Academia probably leads in this, but it’s much broader. The article suggests you can see it on the content out of Hollywood over the last, oh, 10-20 years. It used to be they’d tell the story of boy-meets-girl, but after a while that gets old, so they try girl-meets-boy, ok, and then boy-meets-boy, and then boy-meets-goat, or whatever it takes to be new and novel. What goes on in the real world 99.44% of the time is totally lost.

        I saw this going on, aghast, with another academic buddy of mine, a year or three ago. Within his own domain he still told thing straight, and he could just not imagine the insanity with which he was suddenly discussing current events.


        • I agree re the films and to some degree re academia, but I don’t see the relevance to my post. First, as someone with much family of Asian descent, who speaks Chinese etc., I would protest that I am not the Ivory Tower dweller you portray me to be. As someone whose formative years were in a mainly Latino community, and who has actively worked to help Blacks since high school, I’d say that further separates me from the Tower.

          Now here is what I thought your explanation would be: The Black thugs attacking Asians really don’t care about the Model Minority image. I might have agreed, except for the anti-Asian attitudes of Black leaders. I believe their attitudes filter down to the rest of the community.

          Another point is that due to many Asians being of smaller size physically, they make an easy target for the thugs. But this has always been true, and does not explain the sudden spike in the last two months.

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          • I see no reason to engage your explanation at all. You take rare and chaotic actions as if they occur in a vacuum, as if there are not centuries of American culture in which to find context and answers.

            Statistically you ignore 99.999% of your data and try to find explanations over a few outliers, and make up solutions from them and then apply it to the 99.999% you have not even inspected.

            You are of course not alone in this, it is the mode of today’s discourse. And it is all worse than meaningless.


          • I’ve never heard an average Joe refer to the “model minority”. That’s SJW lingo, and really minimizes the many different Asian groups who have succeeded using the Western European model – get an education, save, get married, buy a home, maybe start a small business. (I have no comprehension how they allegedly use white supremacy to get ahead. Twisted in knots logic.)

            Garden variety envy seems to fit. Many see an ocassional nice car, or nicely dressed couple.

            A single black Male acquaintance in his 60s in Hunter’s Point (San Francisco) recently complained about Asians moving into “our” neighborhood, buying homes; but w his maturity he then complimented how the family members join forces to buy a home. “Why don’t we do that?” Never heard an academic deal w that reality.


          • That SF example is excellent As to the Collins tweet about “using white supremacist methods to get ahead,” I must reluctantly conclude that she is referring to your point, “get an education, save…”


  2. Violence is inexcusable. Attacks of the elderly, children and the disabled are particularly evil.

    However, I will not label any ethnic group as a “model”. I have found some South and East Asians to be extremely racist and to discriminate against individuals of other ethnicities. This is true for other relatively recent immigrants favoring new arrivals from their home country. This is also true of devout religious individuals. Several of my non-minority family members have been victims of blatant racial discrimination by groups of minority individuals; this abuse is not limited to members of minority ethnicities.

    I am horrified to see the divisions of faculty and staff at universities and the appearance of single heritage and gender workgroups both in research, class assignments, living arrangements, and professional organizations. This trend has accelerated due to the creation of the numerous affinity groups that segment society – especially young people. The current political climate – most notably violations of US immigration laws – and education initiatives are exacerbating an already troubling trend of us verses them and them and them …

    One hundred years ago new arrivals would settle in enclaves of similar heritage, but their children would learn English and venture out into a multicultural “melting pot”. Now there appears to be a return to segregation and the primary descriptive characteristic of an individual is race and the secondary one is sexual orientation. Throw in economic status, and we have a fractured country.

    Our progress towards an “American” people has regressed . It seems like now everyone is a hyphenated American – or even worse, is not designated as “American” at all.

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    • I don’t disagree with you. I limited myself to educational/economic success, and mentioned unhealthy attitudes of many Asians toward other minorities. BTW, the new thing among the woke is to remove hyphens, e.g. “Asian American” rather than “Asian-American.”


    • Reading detailed history of the US, most recently Lincoln and Grant biographies, the exact same things occurred with Chinese influx, German influx, Italian influx, Irish influx. Supplanted US workers, decline in wage rates, and employment constrained to patronage of immigrating compatriots. How would that not antagonize citizenry?
      “Throw in economic status”?
      It is about money. Or very specifically, cyclical pursuit of max profit, via rapid diminishing of labor’s wages and benefits.


        • Thanks.
          Wow, almost nothing by him in the vicinity libraries. A mere 2 books in all of the greater Boston vicinity libraries, and not a single one in all of New Hampshire.
          “Somebody” doesn’t want us reading his books.


        • President Trump had a record low African American unemployment rate, and wages jumped for lower-skilled workers.

          Then the so-called pandemic hit, which some skeptics call the plandemic – with assertions the Democrats used it to try to make the President look bad, and rig the election. It sounds plausible.


          • There are “irregularities” in every election, including this one. Whether there were enough in this one to make a difference, I don’t know. No one knows, including the liberal media who say otherwise. What I do know is clear to all: The Dems’ plan was to use the pandemic to bring Trump down, and their friends in the liberal media did the same. OTOH, IMO it was Trump’s election to lose. He should have been more publicly involved in the fight against Covid; he should not have picked fights with states etc. over mask wearing; he should have been at least a tad less flambouyant, offensive and buffoonish; he should have been ahead of the curve in fixing the Flint water situation, and actively engaged with Black leaders re BLM; he could have listened to Stephen Miller a little less.


          • I agree with some of your points, i.e. biased MSM, pandemic as a weapon, and Trump’s ego. However, I don’t understand your blind view of the election.

            Let’s go high level. When have we ever stopped a state’s counting process? I can only think if Florida and counfing Chads.

            So first, we have 6 or 7 states computer systems shut down. That itself is highly, highly unusual. Then, they all shut down about the same time, and come back at similar times. More damning?! They’re all key swing states!

            I could see if Alaska went down at 1 PM, and came back at 1:30; I might understand if Georgia and Massachusetts went down.

            A fourth remarkable feat – layered on top of the other improbabilities – is that every state went to Biden. Fifth, President Trump was dominating many of these states by 300,000 votes or 500,000 votes before the computers went down.

            I don’t have your chops for statistics, but these seem like statistically impossible events on top of statistically impossible events.

            Other related data supports these outcomes being impossible Trump winning 18 of 19 bellwether counties; Biden only winning 477 counties (Obama 873, Trump 2497); and Trump won Florida, Ohio and Iowa.

            An MIT science professor has broken down the improbable late-night vote swing and apparently proven algorithms which weighted Biden votes at 1.3 (?) and every Trump vote at .7. There are large-scale shenanigans at 7 or more states which haven’t be adjudicated. The Dominion voting system apparently has more designed holes than the Titanic, and veteran attorney Sidney Powell claims proof of international interference. Anecdotally, Trump had a massive enthusiasm gap, while Biden couldn’t draw flies.

            This is why 51% of Americans believe the election was likely rigged, and if our MSM wasn’t Pravda, it would be at least 60%. Many believe our FBI, CIA, DOJ and State Dept are crooked.

            P.S. I’m registered as an Independent.


          • I didn’t say Biden won the election. I simply said I don’t know. We know for sure that there were anomaliies — even the PA court said so — but there are anomalies in every election. I’ll say this: I’m sure there were some election officials who hated Trump enough to cheat on the vote process.


  3. Norm, I’d like your thoughts about a connection between recent violence toward Asians and the denial by Chinese officials for any wrongdoing with the pandemic. Blacks and Latinos seem disproportionately affected by the virus.


    • I don’t see that connection. However, it’s certainly true that Blacks and Latinos have been much more affected, and I can’t understand why governments have not done much in response, including Dems, who claim to care more about those groups.


      • There’s no objective evidence that blacks and hispanics have been overly affected by the virus. It is true that there is obesity in blacks and hispanics, and that there is vitamin D deficits in these groups. When the deaths of persons are examined objectively, there is little evidence that the deaths are excessive when the groups of fat people and people with low Vit D are taken into account. But of course, if you say that, you are called a racist.


        • Also factor in access to medical care, work that requires in-person participation and so on, and you are probably right. But really, it doesn’t matter. If racial factors can identify the people most at risk, it makes sense in a pandemic to devote extra resources to those groups. Helps them, helps society as a whole.

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          • Gavin Newsom, Cuomo, & other Governors had 6 months to prepare and dropped the ball. Cuomo didn’t even use the military medical ship & JK Javits Center President Trump had transformed into emergency hospitals. More of the Plandemic? Let a few thousand more seniors die in pursuit of our Big Government dreams.

            Newsom only had 30% of available vaccines used for quite a stretch. They should have been proactively in the Black and Latino communities.

            Governor DeSantis had “strike teams” available for dispatch to senior centers.


  4. Great and needed article. A friend and fellow UC Davis professor told me about this problem several years ago, but the targets were young Sacramwnto and Davis Asian students who were robbed because they had the latest electronics, and were seen as “weak”.

    So is the MSM ignorant, indoctrinated, or fearful of identifying the African American component?

    The discussion of “good” cultures gets mushy because most are afraid to speak about poignant issues. Illigitimacy is verboten, as is savings rate. The esteemed Dr. Thomas Sowell of Stanford has researched and written extensively on the topics, including international comparisons. Another uncomfortable fact: Sowell and Dr. Walter Williams argued the do-gooder social programs destroyed the nuclear black family. (Illigitimacy rates (approx): Asian sub 10%; Caucasian 33%; Latino 50%; and African American 72%.)

    Two modest incomes in the 1970s could buy a house, one much tougher. I knew a school district janitor in San Francisco in the 1980s who owned 3 homes in Hunter’s Point; I know another black gentleman in sanitation who owns 3 homes in Oakland.

    Discussing slavery, frankly, becomes another red herring. How many high school black students in the Bay Area study Calculus? I’m told the number is shockingly low. My hunch is that Asian American families turned out in mass to defeat the return of affirmative action in California.

    Lastly, notice how the self-acclaimed experts ignore the success of Ethiopian-, Nigerian-, and British Black Americans? (Dr. Sowell doesn’t.)

    They’re black, and blow a hole in the White Supremacy myth.


    • When I was working, I worked with 3 black guys who were excellent statistical programmers and data managers. 1 was Nigerian. 1 was from Sri Lanka. 1 was USA-born. Nigerians come here and are excellent workers, and are not relying on the myth of victimization.


    • “target and attack weak”, one of the basic operating (lack of) principles of amoral, not seeing how this is unique.
      Black attacks on Asian?/Asian[-?]American missing from MSM may be media choice or sociologist(s) choice. Sociology class teacher said they don’t release data if it harms the group under study.
      Illigitimacy – you’ll have to define illegitimacy, and do-gooder programs.
      “destroyed the nuclear families”, thank god, men and women can escape abusive or failed relationships.
      “black students in the Bay Area study Calculus?”
      I think in once in forty years of writing software, I used calculus 1 day in 1 job in defense industry. So can you explain what value you believe it has?
      “hunch …Asian Americans … defeat affirmative action”
      They are the most racist people I’ve worked with so I suspect your hunch is likely correct.
      “Ethiopian, Nigerian, British Black Americans”
      Yes, illustrates impact on a person by their cultural roots, doesn’t it. I’m stunned by how submissive my 10-years-older female friends are, raised in the Donna Reed Show/Father Knows Best era.


      • The emergence of graphics and machine learning, for example, as computer science areas does make calculus and linear algebra worth requiring.


      • Illigitimacy – a child born to unwed parents. Far more unstable financially, emotionally, etc.

        Do-gooder programs – Drs. Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams (both black) assert they helped destroy the black family.

        “black students in the Bay Area study Calculus?” – my understanding is that Calculus is the ‘gateway’ course to many tough and rewarding careers – engineering, sciences, etc. Dr. Matloff can comment more accurately.

        “hunch …Asian Americans … defeat affirmative action” – maybe they see the folly in the policies. My local library pre-Covid was packed w Indian & Asian students every night. They’re doing the work.

        “Ethiopian, Nigerian, British Black Americans” – culture, “voluntary immigrant”, not victims, etc.


          • Dr. Matloff, given that men are sometimes 40% or less of many majors and colleges, do you support new male affirmative action policies?


          • Affirmative Action is predicated on there being an oppressed group. I don’t think we can say that about men just yet. 🙂


        • – my understanding is that Calculus is the ‘gateway’ course to many tough and rewarding careers – engineering, sciences, etc. Dr. Matloff can comment more accurately.

          This is the right answer. Calculus and its epsilon-delta definition of limits offers a first-time introduction to the rigorous proof requirements of advanced mathematics. Prior to calculus, grade school mathematics is focused mainly on computation (though the axiomatic approach of Euclidean geometry with its Side-Angle-Side-style proofs comes close). For many students, the abstraction found in the definitions of limits, continuity, and convergence is their first glimpse into formalism of higher mathematics.


  5. Race matters little, while culture matters a lot. Wokeism attempts to tie all forms of success, other than political activism, to white supremacy. This is an attempt to indelibly connect race with culture. Christianity, among other faiths, clearly refutes this clumsy attempt to racialize culture and economic success. Every person of every ethnic/racial background has the ability to choose a Christian culture or way of life. Even atheism has no ethnic or racial boundaries. There is no such thing as “white culture” or “black culture” tied distinctly and permanently to one’s genealogy.


    • Of course there is a black culture. Basic sociology: when main culture fails a large group, they develop a subculture. And US’ main culture has explicitly excluded black citizens for centuries and they had no choice but to respond by developing their own culture. India’s poor have a separate culture than their middle class, built on caste.
      Christianity isn’t a “way of life” nor a culture. For many it’s as trivial as a Sunday attendance checkbox.


  6. Typical illogical liberal b/s – constantly mentioning prior discrimination, Jim Crow, slavery, etc. and avoiding stating the truth.

    For example, you wrote:

    “It also sets up conservatives with the equally simplistic view that MM shows that social programs to help the underclass are not needed. Take real estate, for instance. Even in the liberal Bay Area, restrictive housing policies remained at least through the 1950s, causing many African Americans to miss great real estate booms, and making it difficult for their descendants to now get into the market. Yet many Asian immigrants, arriving in the US with very little, somehow manage to buy houses.”

    However, Asian immigrants, who had arrived recently had also missed earlier real estate gains, but somehow managed to be successful and accumulate wealth. Thus, your statement does not make sense, professor.

    Essentially, it is liberals like you who are the core of the problem.

    Liberals are the ones feeding and continuously enabling victimhood status of African Americans, who are perpetually in a state of grievance and rage.

    So now the “Asians” are being harassed and attacked. Who knows who is going to be next…


      • No, we are not saying the same thing. It is not just about a real estate.

        The quote from your text clearly shows that you criticize “conservatives” and then I pointed out that your own example works against your argument.

        This is just one example of half-baked logic that is typical for you and, BTW, that is one reason why your H-1b efforts failed.


    • I don’t think the modern “liberal” label sticks on Professor Matloff. If it did, the harsh replies in this string of posts would have been CANCELLED. He is actually willing to debate and be polite which is unheard of now.

      I don’t know anybody who has spent anywhere near as much time fighting for American workers as Professor Matloff. While everybody in both the private and public sector have been selling out Americans, he is one of the few voices pushing back.

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  7. Not all poor Asians have children that succeed in America. For example, a lot of the poor Viatnemese in Sacramento have children who end up in low skilled work. They don’t end up going to any college.


    • Actually, in my post — which I now see was too long for many to read in its entirety — I said that MM applies mainly to East and South Asians.


    • While its true that most north Asians – Japanese, Chinese and Koreans – seem to be more successful than the SE Asians, its not always true. My friend’s mom helped out Vietnamese refugees in the 1970s. She remained closed to one family who pooled their money and bought some farmland near Elk Grove, CA. They sold it in the 1980s for $3 million.


  8. As a person of Asian descent that leans right… Interesting stuff! I agree with most of the main points stated in this piece : The immediate need to increase police presence in Asian communities, east Asian vs SEA differences, the fact that a lot of these academically successful Asians are not that well off, hard to deny there is some element of anti blackness in Asian communities and vice versa (although I’m in no way saying that remotely justifies the crimes happening to Asian Americans) That said people are being extremely snarky in the comments for some reason. Is it the weather?


      • Because it’s all nonsense.
        Enforce the laws.
        End of discussion.

        All the rest is bored intellectuals playing silly games.
        Play silly games, win silly prizes.
        But the games generally only make things worse, there are no prizes.

        It belittles the very laws that should be enforced, as not only sufficient, but generally optimal. You know the behavior of politicians, if something gets in the news they immediately pass six more laws that only repeat the one we’ve already had on the books – and perhaps were not enforcing. Soon the law is all foolishness, too.

        Do you really want to be a part of that?


        • I mean Norm literally stated in his piece that increased police presence is needed so not sure what you read,


          • When one is in the middle, one pleases no one. 🙂 But JRStern is usually level-headed, and knows me somewhat well, so it baffles me to see his recent comments.

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          • I’m way ahead of you on this one, Norm.
            Get out of that university environment, before it’s too late.

            This is not snark, this is clarity.
            You might reread that article, it captures the critical madness beautifully.

            OTOH why be sane, when the majority are mad?


        • Agreed, enforce the laws swiftly, fully, & publicly.

          It’s very basic but the MSM & academia won’t allow the salient facts. Asian Americans (generally speaking) have traditional values, get married form families, work hard, and save their money.

          Decades ago Congressman Patrick Moynihan authored a study about the tragic consequences of a 25% illigitimacy rate for African Americans. Its now 72%. There are dozens of negative consequences from just this one item. Lower family income, lower home ownership, less parental time, less physical security, financial & emotional insecurity, higher rates of child violence from the new boyfriend(s), lower school attendance rates, far lower wealth, lower rates of family formation, etc.


  9. The key point is the Culture of Victimhood. The black view of the world is completely defined by victimhood. If you are successful, this is an attack on the victim status of most blacks, and you are called an “uncle tom” or worse. Since Asians are often successful, there is a problem with the Culture of Victimhood for them. So blacks attack Asians partly for this reason.


    • Its also the priorities. Blacks are the hippest race while Asians generally are perceived as the nerdiest. Black culture makes being “hip” the number one priority. Asian culture promotes activities that make them more nerdy.

      The hard truth is that very few people make a living being hip – only athletes, entertainers and celebrities. On the other hand, there are many high-paying jobs for nerds. This accounts for the wide disparity in income between the two races.

      What’s funny is that Blacks do love the hippest part of Asian culture – Martial Arts. They love the self-empowerment that self-defense skills imparts. The Martial arts films of the 1970s were a major influence on the Blaxploitation films of that era. Its too bad that Blacks don’t take the discipline of the martial arts and apply it to their education and economic endeavors.


  10. How much of this is increased reporting by MSM of ” XXXXX attacks asian on subway” stories vs actual increase in violence? I am skeptical of any published statistics about this. It could just be more propaganda.


    • It’s clear that the Asian American have used this for political reasons, especially to trash Trump. The fact that they got Congress to name the hate bill “Covid 19,” without any evidence that the crimes are motivating by Trump’s remarks, is quite remarkable. That said, though, I’ve seen enough to be pretty convinced that there has been an increase, for whatever reason.


    • The first report I saw was back in Sacramento about 5 years ago. Certain youth were following Asians home from the store. When they were unloading their cars, they would rob or assault them while their hands were full with groceries or packages. They had figured they weren’t prepared for the attack or easily able to fight back.

      Since then, I’ve seen at least a dozen YouTube videos or website stories with photos from Sac, SF, Oakland, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and NYC. Many of these were local TV news outlets. Unfortunately, its definitely on the increase . From what I saw, the perps aren’t white, unless they are extremely tan.

      Up here in Oregon, the state government is blaming it on white supremacists. If they are, then the Klan and the neo-Nazis have really changed their recruiting standards.


      • Well, remember John McCain told a room full of union members that they wouldn’t pick cantaloupes for even $50 an hour?  Maybe it’s the same thing? Some right wing extremist leader somewhere is complaining that “Red Blooded Americans just aren’t willing to bash in heads anymore! Now we have to resort to recruiting members outside of our group who are willing to do the dirty work!!” You may laugh but it fits in perfectly with the narrative that we are getting from CNN, MSNBC and even the White House. You never know…

        Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone


        • I remember John McCain making that comment to the crowd, but I think he was referring to picking lettuce; something along the lines of “Americans aren’t willing to pick lettuce even if the pay goes up to $50 an hour”. There were shouts in the crowd of “I’ll take it!”


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