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  1. Good news report. Thanks for posting the link. I left the following comment there:

    Good story. Regarding Giovanni Peri, I took a look at a Wall Street Journal article based on one of his studies and posted the results at http://econdataus.com/wsjstem.htm . As noted there, the article contains a chart that leaves out San Jose, CA and Stamford, CT and makes no mention of it to the reader. As I mention at http://econdataus.com/wsjstem1.htm#section10 , I asked Mr. Peri for the data necessary to replicate the study on which the article was based and he sent me what he said was a later version of the study which he said that he was planning to publish soon. When I asked for the data, he said that he checked with his coauthors and that they convinced him that the right avenue of action is that, as they spent several months organizing and cleaning the data, it should be available through the journal that publishes the paper. I would challenge Mr. Peri to release his data to the already released study for which I asked. Until he does, I’ll treat it as the unverified working paper that I think it is. I recently analyzed a similar paper at http://econdataus.com/amjobs.htm and found that it had serious problems. Without being able to see the data, I have no reason to think that Peri’s paper is any better.


    • Giovanni is quoted in the news report as saying that the results are the same with or without San Jose. Maybe various locations were omitted, with a collective effect, hard to say.

      What is interesting is that Giovanni said there is a very strong correlation between H-1B and job creation etc. That actually doesn’t jibe with his reports, where for example he finds a 0.39 partial correlation (meaning the correlation just with the H-1B variable). That means that H-1B explains less than 16% of total variance, not “strong.” I don’t think correlations are good measures here anyway, but his statement is a bit misleading.

      The real question in my mind continues to be Giovanni’s model. As I stated in an earlier blog post,

      [since research shows] the foreign workers are not remedying labor shortages and aren’t smarter than the Americans, how can they be creating extra jobs? Zavodny’s results counter common sense, and though common sense is sometimes wrong, Zavodny bears the burden of proof to demonstrate that it is wrong.



      • > Giovanni is quoted in the news report as saying that the results are the same with or without San Jose. Maybe various locations were omitted, with a collective effect, hard to say.

        That does not appear to be true in the cases I’ve seen. If you look at the first and last large scatter plots at http://econdataus.com/wsjstem1.htm , you see that San Jose is below the regression lines in both cases. It seems especially false in the last plot in that San Jose had both the largest percentage drop in native STEM workers and the largest percentage gain in foreign STEM workers from 1990 to 2010. In any case, if the results are the same with or without San Jose, why doesn’t Peri release his data and prove it?

        Anyhow, is there any news on when the next segment with Programmers Guild President Kim Berry takes place?


      • If foreign workers are dumber than Americans, then their use *does* “create more jobs”, because it takes six of them to do what one American could do. It would seem a horrid misallocation of resources by corporations and one would have to ask why they would do it. I can hazard some explanations there because it does seem to be exactly how things are actually happening out in the world – poorly.


        • I actually once had a (former) manager make exactly this kind of comment, albeit in a slightly different context. He said (close to verbatim) “The H-1Bs are much more willing to work evenings and weekends, but that’s because they HAVE to, in order to compensate for their low productivity.” This was from a guy who had no axe to grind on H-1B; for him, it was a simple observation of fact.


  2. I believe this was the story that was linked on the DrudgeReport this weekend just below the headline stories. It was in red title, but I just checked back and can’t find the link.

    It covered how Sacramento government agencies are using foreign workers and body shops, had several quotes from Giovanni Peri, and one quote from Dr. Matloff.


    • The link is still there. A followup was supposed to run last night, but I can’t find that one.

      Although it’s true that in the segment that ran last week, Giovanni got more time than I did, the overall time devoted to criticism of H-1B was at least as much as for the defense of H-1B. I think it was a fair piece, with the journalists giving careful thought to the topic.


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