Important New Book, Disastrous OPT Proposal, and So On

1.  John Miano, founder of the Programmers Guild and tireless critic of H-1B, has an interesting new book out with prominent journalist Michelle Malkin. This combination — Miano “knows where the bodies are buried” and Malkin is famed for her outspokenness — should bring tons of attention to the H-1B fiasco.

2. DHS is proceeding apace with its plans to implement (I almost wrote “enact,” an ironic error in view of this blatant end-run around Congress) yet another extralegal expansion of Optional Practical Training. OPT gives foreign students 12 months (29 months for STEM) of work authorization after graduation from a U.S. university. Under the proposed rule (again, I almost wrote “legislation”), OPT would be good for as long as SIX YEARS, just like H-1B. In other words, it would be in effect another H-1B program, in addition to the one we have. John Miano has been leading a lawsuit against the previous expansion of OPT.

Many have pointed out that employers of OPT students save money by virtue of not being subject to Social Security taxes. But that is small potatoes–the real issue, as usual, is that OPT expands the pool of YOUNG workers. As I’ve pointed out, for instance, this is the core of how SCE, Disney and so on can legally save lots of money by hiring foreign workers — the latter are younger, thus, much cheaper, than the Americans they replace.

3. (Thanks to Theo for pointing this out.) The “Major Contributor” Hadi Partovi, whose organization claims to be responsible for teaching the first president to ever have written a line of code, says “H-1Bs in CS rarely displace [American tech workers].” He was distinguishing between “IT” and “CS,” and his point was that the firms that really do computer science, e.g. the Intels and the Googles, don’t abuse the H-1B program. As many readers know, I strongly disagree with that claim, and would add that it’s even worse for those firms — instead of having foreign workers displace Americans, they simply hire the foreign workers instead of qualified Americans in the first place. (And again, it’s largely because of the age issue.) By the way, my guess is that the first president to write a line of code was Jimmy Carter, an engineer by training, rather than Obama as claims.

4. Lest you think that the household-name American tech companies are angelic and that only the Indian outsourcing firms are villains, we now have yet another age discrimination lawsuit by an American against a tech firm, in this case Cisco. Though I don’t have data, I’m told that Cisco is one of the worst offenders regarding H-1B, and some of you may recall it’s being exposed for engaging in a legal but sleazy tactic regarding foreign workers. In light of Item 2 above, I suspect that Ms. Stahl was replaced by a foreign worker.


12 thoughts on “Important New Book, Disastrous OPT Proposal, and So On

  1. I think Obama actually was the first president to write a line of code, though it might have been a simple one. Although Carter was an engineer, he graduated from Annapolis in 1946, before any code was written. After graduation, he became a naval officer and had others to do the math for him.


    • I didn’t realize (though I should have) that he had been at Annapolis that early. However, it’s still possible that he wrote some code. Many established engineers in the 1960s were learning coding on the job.


  2. > Under the proposed rule (again, I almost wrote “legislation”), OPT would be good for as long as SIX YEARS, just like H-1B. In other words, it would be in effect another H-1B program, in addition to the one we have. John Miano has been leading a lawsuit against the previous expansion of OPT.

    I just read a good article about this titled “GRASSLEY: OBAMA ADMIN. PROPOSING ‘SHADOW H-1B PROGRAM’ SUSCEPTIBLE TO FRAUD” at . It includes the entire letter that Grassley wrote to DHS Sec. Jeh Johnson on the matter.



      Within the article there is this statement:

      “South Korean officials believe the amount falls far short of the growing need for H-1B visas to employ South Koreans in the US.”

      When did it become a concern for the US government to facilitate the employment of any country’s nationals – other than Americans – who happen to want to work in the US? How does employing Koreans in the US help Korea other than remittances to Korea. How does this special quota help US workers?

      The Korean government should be worried about creating opportunities in Korea and not try to influence US policies. The US government needs to start worrying about US citizens first and foremost.

      If employment positively affects the country, it should be every country’s government’s obligation to positively impact its own citizens by working to create opportunities at home rather than to lobby for special consideration for its citizens elsewhere. If it is better for a country for its citizens to seek employment outside the country, there is something very wrong with the governance of the country.

      The lack of logic and common sense in leadership world wide astounds me.


      • The Korean situation sounds much like the “Employment Authorization for H–4 Dependent Spouses.” where homeland security asked for comments from the H1B visa holders on the rule last summer.

        Since when are foreign nationals asked to comment on US law and regulation.


      • Free trade agreements are strongly focused on moving foreign workers to the high wage U.S. This is a major inducement to our ‘Pacific Partners’ to agree to our extended copy right and patent protections. It’s sure to be a big part of TPP and even more of TISA. The globocorps and low wage countries both desire this strongly. When Obama lectured the House Democrats on the virtue of his position, I’m sure it’s the influence of his globocorp pals, Gates, Zuckerberg… telling him how vital and virtuous it is. Top Obama staffers have been moving to high paid globocorps positions.

        There are 5400 H-1Bs set aside for Singapore from our free trade agreement with them. This is a ridiculous number for a city-state of 5 million people. If we gave an equivalent amount to everyone we would issue over 7 million H-1Bs a year. Moreover the unused visas are rolled over into the general quota for next year, so most are added to next year’s 65,000, when Singapore gets a new quota of 5400. Singapore is not in the top 20 listed countries by USCIS, Spain is 20th with about 600.

        [Korea is 5th with about 3000 new visas]

        ‘Cap Amounts

        The current annual cap, as set by Congress, on the H-1B category is 65,000. Not all H-1B nonimmigrant visas are subject to this annual cap. Please note that up to 6,800 visas are set aside from the 65,000 each fiscal year for the H-1B1 program under the terms of the legislation implementing the U.S.-Chile and U.S.-Singapore free trade agreements. Unused visas in this group become available for H-1B use for the next fiscal year.’

        Click to access FY12AnnualReport-TableXVIB.pdf


  3. These are a few of my posts on TPP at media sites:


    Hi, we’re the globalist elite! We brought you: Offshoring, Iraq war, financial crash, wealth extremes, illegal immigration, hostile superpower China, $18 trillion debt, and now TPP!
    We’re on a roll!!

    TPP is so good we have to keep it secret so China doesn’t steal it. Trust us!


    China – the big player – is inherently part of TPP because they dominate the manufacturing supply chain, and already talk about formally joining, which any President can do in the next 6 years by fiat. We shipped them $124 billion in 2014, but they sent us $467 billion for a deficit of $343 billion. They have lots of tariffs because they are a ‘poor developing country.’

    But thanks to all the technology they’ve acquired from us, they now have a modern military, boosting our GDP by adding to our defense spending:

    ‘In the U.S. military, at least, the “pivot” to Asia has begun. By 2020, the navy and the air force plan to base 60 percent of their forces in the Asia-Pacific region. The Pentagon, meanwhile, is investing a growing share of its shrinking resources in new long-range bombers and nuclear-powered submarines designed to operate in high-threat environments.’

    I love globalism!


    I just watched the CBS nightly news and this [TAA voted down so TPA stopped for now] got about 15 seconds of coverage. Somber voice about how this could have been a landmark achievement for Obama, but his own party let him down.

    The globocorps behind TPP want it kept secret, and surprise! the media has done just that.

    A Media Matters report found that a “transcript search of the CBS Evening News, ABC’s World News Tonight, and NBC’s Nightly News from August 1, 2013, through January 31, 2015, found no mention of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.”

    Obama said he’s retiring so he has no political reason to support TPP. That’s an opening for an ace reporter to ask him if he intends to follow in the footsteps of Bill Clinton and Tony Blair to a $100 million post-Presidential career, with high paid corporate and other establishment speeches, and those business opportunities that just seem to fall the way of corporate-friendly ex-leaders.

    And ace needs to ask the Republican patriots in Congress how they feel about those ISDS tribunals operating above national laws ‘organized under the World Bank or the United Nations’ – NYT, allowing any global corporation to sue any law or regulation in the U.S. for loss of expected profit.

    WSJ has covered TPP as a big union vs. Republican business battle – not mentioning ISDS, which their readers wouldn’t like at all.

    Trade is boring, but most media are using that as an excuse to help conceal this crucial issue, which is the desire of the globocorps, who fund everyone in ‘This Town.’


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