Trump Invites H-1B Victims to His Rally

This Computerworld article, “Laid-off IT Workers Speak Out at Trump Rally,” in some sense rewrites presidential history, as the article points out. And the failure of most other candidates to take similar action says a lot about what representative democracy in the U.S. has degenerated to.

I did say “most.” As the article notes, Bernie Sanders has been a critic of H-1B. Someone suggested in a tweet a couple of weeks ago that H-1B should be abolished, and Sanders replied, “That would be a good idea.” Sanders has cosponsored legislation in the past to tighten up policy on the visa.

Ted Cruz has recently sponsored excellent H-1B reform legislation, together with Senator Jeff Sessions (who supports Trump in the presidential election campaign), and I’m told that he met with a group of concerned ITers, the only candidate to respond positively.

So who are the other candidates meeting with? We know that Clinton has a close relationship with the Indian rent-a-programmer firms, and Rubio’s adviser on immigration is from Fragomen, the largest immigration law firm in the nation.

Granted, the ITers have back channel connections to Trump and Cruz, but it seems clear that even the best of connections would not get them top billing at a Clinton or Rubio rally.

Amazing that the Democrats still call themselves pro-labor.


5 thoughts on “Trump Invites H-1B Victims to His Rally

  1. When is your endorsement for Trump coming? He is almost a Dem. This is our only chance. Also trade the other gun held to middle class head, he is against this free not fair trade deals too. I have always told my friends and family trade and immigration are my two issues in this election. I am not taking sides based on party lines.


  2. Hillary had better watch her back. Trump is going to be attracting a lot of attention with savvy and sensible choices like this. Clinton’s nothing more than a …. well, I won’t go there, but I will say that her inappropriate and treasonous promotion of the work visas (H-1B, L-1) are disgusting. Plus, as a person whose main claim to the nomination is a stated promise to continue the policies of Obama, she will promote and get the TPP passed. There are additional dreadful trade treaties being prepared by this asshole Obama.


    • Of course Mr. Trump only uses the visa system (H-1B, H-2B and also EB-5).
      Not to mention the undocumented workers used by sub- and sub-sub-contractors thanks to the loophole in E-verify.


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